Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have defeated The Lace Reader. My New Year's resolution to finish all book club books ahead of the meeting was severely tested by The Lace Reader. It wasn't because I hated it or loved it or anything else. It just was the kind of book that takes forever to read, and typically I just don't have that kind of patience for books like that and give up. Last night at the party I announced I was throwing in the towel. Everyone ridiculed me for giving up on a resolution by January 10th, which I must say spurred me to read hard this afternoon after the house was picked up and put back together. That and Plum Spooky staring at me and begging me to read it.

So I'm glad I did it. The book was OK, but the fact that I've made it to 3 meetings having read all 3 books this year makes me happy snappy.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Seraphim9 said...

I have yet to read my Plum Spooky, too. I don't know, I guess I'm just afraid of reading and getting to the end too quickly and then having to wait another few months for #15 to come out!

I'm just impatient like that, I reckon!

Melissa said...

Good for you!!!! :)

I agree with Seraphim on the afraid to read it thing....even though I know I can borrow the book from Susan or Jacalyn I got in line for it at the library - 135 people in front of me! I should have it by mid-Feb I would guess...

I was the same way with Harry Potter - I wanted to read the 7th, but at the same time I wanted to savor it...ended up reading all 700 and some pages in 48 hours!!!!!