Saturday, January 03, 2009

Entertaining Quotes of 2008's Holiday Season

I meant to post these earlier, but I totally forgot about them till tonight. What am I doing up at 12:49AM blogging? I took a 3 hour nap earlier, so sue me!

So anyway, over the holidays, Lucas and the General came out with the two most adorable things ever, and I want to preserve them for posterity. I'll start with Lucas.

For some reason, everyone found the sight of me twirling around the basement like an idiot while I did my 60's Blast Off compelling viewing. Honestly, Judy suggested I sell tickets to my next show. I'd no sooner turn on the TV than everyone would gather around the couch and watch me exercising for the next 27 minutes. I gave up being self-conscious about it, figuring if I can do it I should be proud of showing off my mad skills.

So I got done with the work out and Lucas and I had the following exchange, which I found just too adorable:

Lucas: Is Richard Simmons gay?

Now, mind you, Lucas has no idea if anyone is gay. He just doesn't have that sense about him. So this is the type of question his is liable to come out with in sheer innocence, because he genuinely doesn't know. However, it just shocks the heck out of the rest of us, although to be fair, none of us has ever spoken to Mr. Simmons to confirm this information personally.

Me: Ummmm... What do you think?

Lucas: Oh, I thought he was just festive.

HAHAHAHAHAHA I absolutely love this. And I must admit, Richard does look particularly festive on the 60's Blast Off DVD, which I now just LOVE doing, in his hot pink outfoot with the sparkles, especially when he does a nifty little slice maneuver at the end.

But even better than that was an exchange The General and I had in the car while we were driving around during the holidays. Recently, he had run out of shampoo. Usually I buy him Suave for Men shampoo, but the store we were doing the grocery shopping at had run out of it, so I was forced to locate an alternative. I picked up a bottle of Gillette shampoo for men, figuring that as the General wears Gillette deodorant, it would stand to reason he'd like their shampoo as well. This led to the following exchange...

The General: Susan, you know that shampoo you got me?
Me: Yeah?
The General: Is there something in it?
Me: What do you mean?
The General: I mean like an ingredient or something.
Me: I dunno, honey.
The General: Because when I put it on, I feel a sensation!
Me: I gotta get me some of that shampoo.

G'night all.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge Gleck said...

"The tingle means it's working!"

Melissa said...

HA HA HA!!!!!!