Friday, November 11, 2011


Yup, it’s almost 2AM and here I sit, wide awake.  *SIGH!*  We had a crazy day yesterday starting when Leah woke up at 4AM.  I never quite got it right thereafter.  I tried going back to sleep around 9AM only to have company arrive 20 minutes later.  I tried going to sleep around 1:30, only to have the contractor show up and start banging like hell and running an air compressor!.  He left and I finally feel asleep around 2 and slept for 3 solid hours.  So of course, now I CAN’T sleep and I’m due to leave for Woodbridge in 6 hours.  AUGH!  On the plus side, Leah will be with Melissa tomorrow, so I can sleep and get lots of other things done.

I have continued weeding things out around here.  I managed to eliminate an entire cabinet of DVD’s—placing the ones I was keeping on 2 shelves of the cabinet the TV now sits on, and the few (like 5) others I’m not keeping are going to Goodwill.  We are conflicted about what to do with the cabinet.  We’ve owned it since we first moved in together.  We bought it so I would have something in which to store my clothes and it has also been used to store pantry items and DVD’s in its history.  I am reluctant to part with it, so part of tomorrow’s task will be to empty the crawlspace and see if we can find a spot and a use for it in there.  I had another cabinet downstairs with glass doors that Leah was forever trying to break into, and I decided I should get rid of that.  Tonight while I was watching the documentary Winnebago Man (highly recommend it, by the way!), I cleared it off and moved it out, but felt the space left behind was too empty.  So I took the glass doors off it and filled it with Leah’s toys.  I like it better than having something of a pile by the rear door, and hopefully it will inspire both her and me to keep her toys picked up.

I started Christmas shopping this weekend.  Compared to last year, I have a very small list—we really went overboard last year and I don’t want to do that this year.  We are hosting Christmas and hopefully my sister will host Christmas Eve, so some of the pressure will be off a little bit.  As I think I said before, Penny’s brother will be with us for the holidays and I’m trying to consider what I can do to keep him entertained.  I’m sure it’ll be an entirely different experience having a boy around.  But I wonder if he’ll be anything like Penny!  I am considering a day trip to Philadelphia, but it would be easier with a second driver, and also depends on if Mike is planning to work or not during the week before Christmas and New Year’s.  He often does.

This week will be busy—I have my end of the year book club party Wednesday and meeting up with a classmate and then seeing Diane Keaton Thursday.  I have been busily working on my NaNo book, and it’s coming along nicely.  I decided to erase stuff from the white board when I finish that chapter or section, and it helps me see the progress I am making.  I need to find out when registration opens for the spring semester and get registered for next semester’s classes.  There is one I want to take that is only open once a year, so it’s important I get it in now to try and determine if it’s a direction I want to go in!

Well, I guess I’d best TRY to get some sleep!!!!  Talk to you all later!