Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Hubby's Tired of Hearing It... I'll post it here.

We just did our weekly grocery shopping, including the food for tomorrow's Cuban cooking extravaganza.

For the black bean soup, I had to purchase a smoked ham hock, which only comes in a package of three. I didn't want to buy one of them, much less three.

But let me just say, never in the history of my life cooking have I been as grossly fascinated by the site of any foodstuff as I am by the sight of those ham hocks.

Thank God I live in "the South" where those things are available. I suspect if I were trying this in New York, I might have trouble buying such a thing.

4 pearl(s) of wisdom:

manda said...

Firstly, this isn't the South. It's the midatlantic.

2ndly I'll take those extra ham hocks off your hands iffn you want. As a REAL Southerner, I know what to do with them.

Kate/Susan said...

If you're from New York, as I am, this is the south ;-) Although having lived in Arkansas for a year, I can attest that this is not the 'real south'.

The hocks are all yours!!!! I'm glad you want them--I was feeling badly about throwing them away.

Seraphim9 said...

I second Manda - I'll take that third ham hock off your hands. Got a can of black eyed peas in the pantry that could stand some "dressin' up".

Talk about some true Southern cookikng.....*sigh* you know, I really do get depressed when I think of what I could have learned from my paternal grandmother had she not passed away just as I was learning how to cook. I've been trying to get her red velvet and caramel cake recipes from my aunts for YEARS.

My mom and my maternal grandmother - if it didn't come from a box or can, I probably didn't get cooked. Don't even get me started on the time my mom tried to pick, wash, and cook some fresh collard greens. A bit of advice - don't wash collard greens in your clothes washing machine.

Word verif - "undoomi" Probably an Italian word for the fate of my mom's washing machine.

Seraphim9 said...

Oops...."If it didn't come from a box or can, IT probably didn't get cooked."

Fortunately, they never tried to cook ME. LOL