Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcoming In the New Year...New Year's Eve

All is calm at the Kosior house, the General snoring soundly, he will wake up in the New Year, secure in the knowledge that it feels exactly like the year he fell asleep in.

I am sitting here alone, in front of the computer, chatting with my friend across town because we were both too lazy to get up and go to each other's houses. And I'm cradling in my hands what I hope will be the last glass of soda I'll drink.

Yup, among my other goals for this year, I am going to forge ahead on my plan to really start taking better care of myself--which incidentally is a real pain in the ass--and part of that is to quit drinking soda.

I'm sitting here, sipping on my last Pepsi, feeling like a cigarette addict puffing slowly on his last cigarette. The glass is cold and frosty in my hands, lots of ice, just like I like it, but as I'm sipping it, I have to be honest, it really doesn't taste all that wonderful. I think, mercifully, I'm starting to lose my sweet tooth. It must be all the cakes and cookies I've baked over the past year. Sugar just doesn't taste as good as once it did.

So at the stroke of 12, I'll take my last swig and hopefully be done with it... It's going to be hard, we've been flat out drinking it for years. But I'll be thinking of the benefits to my teeth, my skin, my body without it and hopefully that will help me push through the cravings.

I wanted to have another reading resolution this year, so since Lesley and I visited the Margaret Mitchell house on our recent trip to Atlanta, I've decided that this year, I will finally read Gone With the Wind. When I told my mom this resolution, she said, and I quote, "It's about time!"

My other resolution has to do with being more environmentally conscious, or as Michael says, "Don't tell me we're going green!" But yes, we're going a little bit green. I'm pulling out as many canvas bags as I can find to take to the grocery store. I'm hoping to figure out how to build a compost heap and being composting out back. We're cancelling our trash service and trying to reduce the amount of trash we generate by separating out our recyclables, burning paper, and composting food waste.

We'll also be working on saving money. We've discussed meal planning and have made up a list of "acceptable foods" and have started drawing up a monthly menu. Going out will hopefully return to being a novelty, something special for special occasions. I've managed to get all my books for book club via PaperbackSwap and I'll start using the library more regularly for books I can't get my hands on. No more book sales at the Wilderness Library or Orange County Friends of the Library Bookstore, especially not to buy books I just want to trade anyway. I've bought supplies to make and bring my lunch with me on the road, and cancelled my participation in the office water cooler fund--instead of paying $45 for the privilege of paying for the secretaries to drink water daily that I drink one glass per week of, I'll bring in a gallon from home once a month and save myself big bucks.

And finally, I want to wish my dad a hearty congratulations. Tonight, at the stroke of midnight, he is officially retired from being the town judge in our little town, a position he held with honor for 20 years. I'm proud of him and what he managed to do. I hope he enjoys his free time.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge G. said...

Cold-turkey from carbonated beverages? I don't think I could pull that one off. Maybe swearing off of Coca-Cola might help .... certainly Squirt (now it's carried everywhere around here, hooray!) is a more benevolent drink. Isn't it?

Otherwise, I haven't decided on any real 'resolutions.'


Kate/Susan said...

It's January 2nd... OK, January 3rd officially, and seriously, I could kill someone for a Pepsi. This is going to be hard. i am so sick of water.