Saturday, September 08, 2007


You know how sometimes you have been with or around someone so much you can complete each other's sentences? My sister and I and Joe and I do that all the time.

My husband and I officially crossed into "married too long" status today.

We both woke up with wanderlust, and both of us wanted to go to the same place.


We have not discussed going to Charlottesville, apart from me going for work, we haven't talked about it since going to tour Monticello with Melissa last year. Why on earth I wanted to go, I have no idea, considering I go plenty and usually hate driving on the weekends. Why Michael wanted to go, I have even less idea.

But we both had the desire to go down there, find a little hole in the wall place, eat lunch, and enjoy the town.

So that's what we did today. And that is why it is now 10:15, Lucas's cake is half-done, the scones are only just baked for Monday's book club meeting, and there are a ton of dishes in the sink.

But we found our hole in the wall.

Ain't love grand?

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Talmadge G. said...

I can think of a kajillion things worse than "being married too long."

Oooooh, a Saturday day trip to somewhere I've been wanting to go -- especially somewhere I've never been.

Glad your day was fun. Ours was long, tiring and not without occasional frustration. But fun.