Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hear Us Roar, Part 2

I went out to finish the demolition on the chain link (I wanted to pull down one more section after all) and turn around, and there's the General. He decides we can take out the cross bars, which basically fell apart in our hands after we unbolted them (or, I should say, Michael unbolted them, I wasn't strong enough, much as it pains me to admit it).

So we're hauling that and then he says, "Let me just see the vertical poles a minute" and next thing I know, he's got them loosened up in the dirt. A shovelful of dirt later, they were popping out like nobody's business!! One side of the fence was out (I'm sure the neighbors were wondering what we were doing as M was yelling 'Come on, you bastard!' at the top of his lungs), and we're going to finish tomorrow morning.

We're both exhausted. My hands are killing me. I've just been granted a reprieve on taking a trip to the grocery store. So I'll clean the bunny room and head to bed.

The debris pile is the most impressive thing I've ever seen. I'll take a picture!

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

nettiemac said...

I wish y'all were closer to me. WE might have use for items from the debris pile!

Seriously, we're actually planning to extend our chain-link fencing up about 30 feet from its current location.


Seraphim9 said...

I understand about the weeds growing between the fences. After we moved to our current home, we installed a chain link fence so that Puddy would have room to run leash-free. About a year later, our next-door put up one of those gawd awful privacy fences up about a foot from our fence. Blocked Talmadge's ability to get to the back of our property to mow and also we can't reach between the fences well to cut the weeds.

I'd hate to take that section of fence down since we JUST put it up. It'd be different if it was old and rusty.

I really wish that our neighbors had come and talked to us before installing their fence. We would have been willing to let them connect to ours. We're not ogres.

I hate privacy fences and didn't want one. I like to see what's going on beyond my yard. I think they put a privacy fence up to hide the fact that they have black plastic on the outside of all their back windows. WTF? Ever hear of curtains? Sheesh.

Kate/Susan said...

Hey there, Annette! You wouldn't want this fence. It's JUNK! It's all rusty and yucky. The poles bent over and cracked when we wrestled with 'em this morning.

Amy, I know the feeling! Our one neighbor, I guess I can understand, it's not a privacy fence, just a nice little wood fence so that the two yards are separate. The other people put up a huge privacy fence, not only blocking our yard, but towering over *their* neighbors' fence on the other side, which was a really nice privace fence already. Snots. I hate people sometimes. LOL