Wednesday, September 05, 2007

PSA: Awesome DC Festivals Coming Up

I'm so excited! :) There are 2 awesome festivals coming up in DC that suit our fancy just fine, so I'm putting them here in case my fellow Washingtonians want to go as well.

The first is this Sunday, September 9th, from 12-6 in Annandale. The Slavic American Festival! WOO HOO!! Oh yeah. I can hardly wait. They're having a polka party, handmade Slavic crafts, and of course, FOOD! :-) The list is amazing of the stuff they're going to have--all the old favorites from my great-grandmother, grandmother, and the stuff they taught my mom how to make, and she made it like she was born in Krakow. *Sigh* My heart is a-flutterin'! Oh, and of course, they're having bingo.

For more information, visit and click on Upcoming Events.

The other festival is the St. Nicholas Russian Bazaar at the St. Nicholas Cathedral of the Orthodox Church in America (could these church names run any longer?!). It's running from October 12-14th. We went last year and Judy almost cried when she tasted the food. It was delicious and authentic, plus they have a big flea market, cathedral tours, crafts, and music. For more information, you can visit although right now they just have a little paragraph up, not any details.

I'm lucky to have the British side of me in Fredericksburg and the Eastern European side not too far away :-)

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Seraphim9 said...

Sounds like fun!

Speaking of long church names, we've got a franchise here in the Savannah area called the "United House of Prayer For All People".

Tal and I lovingly call it "UHOP". I hear that they have killer pancake breakfasts before Sunday School. Chuckle.

Then there is the church that shares the building with the Barnett School Supply store - "Grace is Sufficient". Hey, if Grace is good enough for them then it's good enough for me.

Oh, now you've gone and done it...I had to get the phone book out to look at other church names. They're all pretty simple, straightforward church names. But the one that caught my eye:

Flipper's Chapel AME Church.

Well, we ARE near the ocean..... :)

I'm going straight to hell for making fun of church names. {{sigh}}

Oh, let's not forget about Bible Baptist Church. It's not the name. It's the fact that it's the only church in Savannah (that I know of...)with a razor wire fence around the church property's perimeter. My question is, are they trying to protect themselves from us....or us from THEM? LOL..I say the same thing about the rich people out in The Landings - the gated community on Skidaway Island.

OK, I've babbled on enough. Need to get some work done!

- Seraphim

Seraphim9 said...

Wow....I do believe I may have had WAY too much coffee this morning.

Kate/Susan said...

We have about 10 billion churches here in the 'burg, but my personal favorite is the Church of the Hollywood Brethren.

I'm so strongly tempted to go there just to see what's up!

Talmadge G. said...

UHOP is well-known for their Wednesday night "Rooty Tooty Fresh & Holy" suppers.

You forgot "Mustard Seed Worship Center." KETCHUP AND RELISH HEATHENS BE HEEEEEEEEEEALED!!!!!!!

In the words of The Grateful Dead, "We may be goin' to hell in a bucket / But at least I'm enjoyin' the ride"

--Talmadge "Isn't there a Bourbon Baptist Church somewhere in Kentucky?" Gleck

Kate/Susan said...

It's definitely hard to compete with the Rooty Tooty Fresh and Holy breakfast. *sigh* Maybe I'll have to move to Savannah to be salvaged.

Lauren said...

I have nothing to say about churches, other than the one that is holding the Slavic festival is right by our friend's house, and when we passed it the other day, I said, "Hey, a Slavic festival! We should go!" So maybe we'll see you there!