Saturday, September 01, 2007

A Feat of German Engineering

The General's electric razor crapped out this week, and we contacted a friend at Gillette to see if she could get us a good price on the brand new Pulsonic Razor, which just came out and has ever bell and whistle you can imagine. Well, in fact, she could, and sent it along this week.

She told us that all we'd have to do is get a charger for it, since the one she was sending us had a German plug, and she figured that would cost about $25 and we'd be ready to roll.

The Pulsonic is a thing of beauty. And it's twice as quiet as the old razor he had bfeore that. We hit the store trying to find a compatible charger, but no dice. So finally, we went on the website for parts for the Braun razors, and there was the Pulsonic staring us in the face. OK, we'd have to order one. No problem.


We couldn't find the plug anywhere. So I emailed customer service. I got a very nice response that read:

Unfortunately, the cord for the Braun Pulsonic line of shavers is not currently available at We hope to have this item stocked in our inventory by late September.

For immediate availability, we recommend you speak with Braun Consumer Service at 1-800-272-8611. Customer Service Representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

So I send this to Michael, and he immediately calls because we need a cord for this thing before it runs out of steam.

He finds out that Customer service isn't even sure the American plug has been manufactured yet. So we have this gorgeous razor and no way to charge it!

*Sigh* Don't it just figure?

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Jasper John R. said...

Doesn't radio shack sell a line of adapter plugs? When I was traveling for work I had one with from them with twenty three adapters for different countries. I'd take the razor, book, and go to a store. Avoid the youngsters and figure it out yourself. ymmv, fjohn68