Friday, February 22, 2008

Tragedy and the Learning Curve

Tragedy struck today when the motherboard of my computer downstairs shot itself in the butt and died a painful death. I was chatting with Jacalyn (blog linked to the right) and all of a sudden, my computer froze. Ok, so I restart the thing, and it runs for 2 minutes and then the mouse quits. So the General gets in on the act and says we should restart, back everything up, and then we'll rebuild it.

But we can't do it until the mouse works. So, I restart. And then, I am confronted with...THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. So The General comes over and starts jiggling some wires, he gets it to come back on, but the mouse still won't work. So we restart and get...THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. And this time, it won't budge.

I called Jacalyn to let her know that I was not dissing her on AIM but that in fact my machine was totally dead and she said, "No problem, I build computers, is that why you're calling!?" Um, no, I didn't even know that you were a computer builder, but now that you mention it...

So she and her boys came by and while the boys were playing on the Wii, she and Mike and I were in the basement dissecting computer parts. When all was said and done, my stuff got transferred over to the old box that Michael had stashed in the closet and the evil Jacalyn MADE ME DO IT! Yes folks, today I learned the ins and outs of installing computer hardware. And I have to say, it didn't seem that scary after all.

So tomorrow Jacalyn's hubby is coming over to help the General with reinstalling Windows and all that rot while Jacalyn and I are at book club.

So, the boys were busy playing Wii and one of them who is raising his own funds for a Wii was hitting us up for cash in exchange for performing my 2 least favorite tasks (cleaning the bunny room and vacuuming), and Jacalyn's hubby suggested we all have dinner together at THE MELTING POT. Uh, heck yeah!?

So this evening we spent time at The Melting Pot, eating Melting Pot food, and I'll add another Melting Pot for good measure.

It was a wonderful time at the Melting Pot. (Ok, I'll stop now, I promise.) The four of us really spent time together, kidless, other people-less, getting to know each other, chatting, and having fun. It went by so quickly, it's amazing how quick 3 hours can go by. I'm so happy to have met such wonderful people here in town and be able to call them friends.

Ok, if I keep going, I'll get all wishy-washy. But it sure is nice to have some friends.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

b said...

So what am I going to have to do to convince you two to get Macs? You can run Windows on 'em now, too.

Seraphim9 said...

You don't like The Melting Pot, do you? ;-)

Whenever we come up for a visit, I WANT TO GO THERE!!! :-) Sounds really cool.

We also discovered that you have an Old Country Buffet in F'burg. Since we are sure that we can't convince you to hook it to the Caliber and drag down Savannah-way I guess we'll have to make a trip there for a meal, too! LOL!

OCB is Tal's ultimate favorite! We used to to the one in Montgomery, AL all the time when we were dating, but Tal suffered the ultimate heartbreak when we arrived one day to find them closed, taken over by another company - on Tal's birthday nonetheless! Well, we were fortunate that they invited us in and we got a free meal (guess it was a promotional thing) which took the sting out a little bit.

You should have seen the look of glee on his face when we visited family in Alexandria in Nov. of 2003 and my uncle suggested us going to OCB for supper! Then there was one near Pittsburgh we had to go to while we were up there in Oct. 2006.

We'd also drive up to Charleston (SC) on occasion to the OCB there, but we showed up one day a few years ago to find them closed - and no new owners to invite us in for a free meal this time! :-( Ah well.