Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hot Topics

So I was sitting around thinking today about how funny it is that my NKOTB post has become a hot topic--comments in the double digits! I was wondering what other posts might be as hot for conversation as that one, and so I went through quickly and looked at the number of comments I'd gotten on each post. My arbitrary number for "a lot" of comments was 7 or more, because I've actually got a fair number with 5or 6 replies.

So, what were my hottest topics?

*New Kids on the Block
*Mariah Carey screeching Christmas carols
*Painting my mom's dining room/going to Steak N Shake
*How cute my husband is
*Finding a decent sub sandwich
*Staying friends with people you've known forever
*Going to Las Vegas
*Protesting the war

To follow up on the sub sandwich topic, the current sandwich in the lead is WaWa's Italian sub. It's very good and flavorful, it's only flaw is a paucity of vegetables. You can get extra meat or extra cheese, but you can't order extra veggies. Bad WaWa! We've got another place on the list to try, but it's pretty far from the house, so I suspect it'll have to be AWESOME before we make it a regular stop. There's also a new sub shop going in next to the closest Starbucks, so it's possible that one might be an option.

So I'm figuring since I listed all the hot topics, this should be a pretty swingin' post. The closest I've gotten to breaking 20 comments was the NKOTB post which is up to 14. Several other posts have hit 13. It's just funny what captures our interest!

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lauren said...

Well, my record number of comments was 4, and one of those was me commenting back (to you, in fact). Congrats on double digits! :)

Lauren said...

Oh yeah...I realized I forgot to bring Boomsday on Monday. Sorry about that!

Also, I found Stardust in the house. Duh.