Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Can't Get Away!

So, I'm trying to use up my BookMooch points, like crazy, right? But after a week's time with no response, I have to cancel my requests because I mean, seriously, can't you get it together within a week's time to at least say "Yeah, I'll send your book"?

So yesterday I cancelled a pile more and left honest feedback, and last night I got 2 nasty emails. One was somewhat legitimate in that the person had emailed me, but had never hit the "accept" button on the BookMooch site, and how am I supposed to remember that she had accepted the mooch? Especially in light of the fact that I have requested no fewer than 26 books from that stupid site in the last two weeks.

The other lady was mysteriously "out of town" and "had a good reason" why she did not respond. Um, hello. It's called a vacation hold. Use it.

So, I WAS down to only 2 credits left on this site, and now I'm back up to 9. Figures. I'm tenacious, though. I'm determined to use them. The bitch of it is is that every time you leave feedback, the stupid site gives you another 1/10th of a credit. So I may never get down to the end.

Anyone need any books?

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Lauren said...

I just did a big search on BookMooch to "help" you, but nothing I wanted was in the system!