Sunday, February 24, 2008

If This is a Disease, We Don't Want No Cure

Yesterday, my Fredericksburg book club met. Jacalyn is the group leader, and her husband and sons were going to come over here to see The General while her husband helped Michael put new memory in his computer and finish rebuilding the ole battleaxe downstairs.

Book club lasted a couple of hours, and then Jacalyn asked if I thought her man was still with my man, to which I replied "Probably!" so she decided to come back to our house.

In fact, her boys had only arrived 15 minutes prior.

So the kids were on the Wii and Mike and D (I don't know if he wants his name used on line) were working on computer stuff. D asked me what I thought about moving the cable modem and routers into our crawlspace. Uh, heck yeah!? I'm tired of looking at the stuff and we might now actually be able to get a decent cabinet for our stereo? So he moved everything, reconnected it all in the crawlspace, and I was all "My hero!" (D used to be a cable installer. He knows his stuff.)

So this past week I've been going through my cookbooks trying to winnow out the good recipes and getting rid of everything else that I don't use, because I am T-I-R-E-D tired of clutter. So I had left one I got for Christmas out downstairs because I was going through it, and Jacalyn picked it up and noticed some fondue recipes... And the more we got talking, the better it was sounding. And apparently, her boys were very upset that they didn't get to go to the Melting Pot last night.

So, while Michael and D were working away on the computers, Jacalyn and I snuck out and hit the grocery store to get fixings for pizza and chocolate fondues.

Man, oh man, was it good. We had a beautiful array of bread and vegetables for the pizza fondue, and it was really fast and easy to cook (I'll put my recipe down below). Her boys loved it and forgave their parents for leaving them home. I love making pizza fondue, it's sooooo good and easy.

So, we let our stomach's settle for a bit, I hired Jacalyn's son to do the dishes (he's trying to earn money to buy his own Wii lest you think I'm a slave driver) and then Jacalyn and I started tackling the chocolate fondue. We had to tweak the recipe a bit, since it was a little peanut buttery at first, but we wound up with a delicious chocolate peanut butter fondue for berries, pretzels, pound cake, brownies, and Rice Krispie treats.

By the time they left, I wanted to wallow. I don't think I'll have any more fondue for a while, but it was so, so good. It was a fun impromptu get together, hopefully there'll be more!


K/S's Pizza Fondue Recipe

In a large pan, brown up 1/2 lb of ground beef, 1/2 lb of italian sausage (or 1 lb of whichever you prefer), 2 cloves of garlic, a handful of Italian seasoning, and a half an onion. Drain. Return to pan. Add a jar of spaghetti sauce (20 oz or so) of your choice, and 4 cups of cheese (we used a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella). Stir over medium heat until smooth. Enjoy!

This took us literally 5 minutes and fed 6 very hungry people.

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Melissa said...

Sounds fun!
I thought though that you guys were going to Savanah this weekend?
BTW - have you started the book for book club yet? I cannot get into you guys redlight people who don't read the book?