Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Scare

Sorry it's been a couple days since the last update. My dad was coming out from under the effects of the anesthesia and was talking crazy, but was seeming like he was doing fantastically.

Yesterday we went to Star Lake for the day and saw everyone. I saw people I didn't even plan to see! It was so nice to be home for a day and remove ourselves from the stressful situation of being in the hospital and such. In fact, we had decided to spend the night up there.

Around 7:30 last night, my sister called and said, "I need you to come back now, Dad's had a relapse."

Fortunately, my "aunt" Joyce was there with her family and so they helped us quickly pack up and Michael, Leah, and I hauled butt towards Beth's. There is very limited cell coverage up here in the Adirondacks as you might imagine, but we hit a pocket towards Tupper Lake and my phone rang. My heart sank. It was my sister.

"He's OK, he's OK!" she said. Thankfully! Because we almost immediately got cut off.

Knowing he was OK, we hit the local McD's for dinner and then got up here. It turns out he's very anxious about everything and thinks he is truly dying. He called to say good bye to each of us and then had a little bout of atrial fibrillation. They are going to put him on some anti-anxiety medications to help him through this little hurdle. They were talking about him coming home today, but damned sure that's not going to happen. He has been pushing it trying to make it so he can come home sooner, and now he knows he has to relax and let his body heal. We'll be going over first thing this morning and staying for the day--I can't take not being there more regularly. That'll be that.

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