Saturday, July 04, 2009

Heading Out

Well, the time has come to say good bye to my dad for now. We are heading to Oswegatchie this afternoon to stay the night and get a little R&R before going home tomorrow. No real plans for when I'll be returning, but hopefully early August I'll be able to come and take him home for a week. Mike and I have plans for New England mid-August, so if I could tack a week in NY on ahead of that, it'd be perfect.

Dad and I conquered a major hurdle today--we tag teamed to give him an insulin shot. He says he is not the type of person to inject things and I have a long history of fainting when I so much as catch sight of a needle. However, the two of us got antsy when Beth went out this morning and we decided we should go ahead and attempt to do the injection ourselves.

Success! Neither of us fainted, we got it measured accurately, and it was injected just fine. We also tag teamed on his new blood glucose meter and got a good reading there.

While I doubt either one of us is likely to become a heroin addict any time soon, we were both so proud of our accomplishment.

I'll miss him and it will be very hard to drive away today, but knowing how much better he's doing, I'll feel more secure in going. He's up and about, he and Mike got in a game of Yahtzee, he's helping Beth slice veggies for lunch as I type, he's able to snuggle the grandbabies, and he just seems much, much better.

If anyone wants to send him a card, feel free to do so at:

George Cherepon
PO Box 78
Star Lake NY 13690

We're having his mail forwarded to Beth's house, so it will get here--I don't know how she'd feel about having her address posted on line, otherwise I'd do that.

Thanks to all for the prayers and good wishes and offers of help. I'm hopeful that when we go home, if we need someone to go running, we'll have lots of offers!

If anyone is in Oswegatchie this evening and wants to stop over, we'll be around.

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