Sunday, November 02, 2008


Yesterday for lunch, I was eating the General's salad from the Melting Pot. For some reason, it had bleu cheese on it. I thought I had picked it all off, but sadly, I was mistaken and got a full bite.

My question is this:

Why the heck does anyone eat bleu cheese? It smells like vomit and tastes like moldy sneakers.

5 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Cindy said...

I HATE blue cheese. Hate hate hate. Jeff loves it of course. Blech.

manda said...

i <3 blue cheese!

what does the general eat at melting pot? do you take your own hot dogs to fry?

Kate/Susan said...

He eats the bread, chicken, and the beef adn I eat the veggies, shrimp, lobster, and ravioli :) Then we split the chocolate--he gets the cheesecake, I get the brownies. I get the strawberries, he gets the poundcake. We split the rice krispie treats and skip the bananas. It works out very well. :-) I wonder how fondued hot dogs would taste?

manda said...

How in the world does he ever poop with all that protein and no fiber? I'd hate to be his gastro in 10 years.

Geez, I just realized how old I am just thinking about the ramifications of such a restricted diet.

Kate/Susan said...

He takes fiber tablets daily :-)

(Jeez, I can't believe I'm posting this "crap" Hahahahaha)