Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok, We're Going to Make You All Sick

But the General just sent me his list of 86 things he loves about me. I was going to bump my list to 100 this morning, because after we spent the day together, he did about a million more things I totally love, and then last night when I finally came back to bed at 2am after one dandy of a crying jag, he sat up with me, crying too, and we had such a good talk that I didn't even care it was 2AM. But now I kind of like that 86 is a magical number. So I'm leaving my list alone. And this is his 86 things he loves about me. (Excuse me while I blush)

Why I love my darling wife

1. She found me on the Internet after a terrible relationship, and when I hugged her for the first time I knew that she was the one.
2. She knows just what to do and when to do it.
3. She throws her clothes on the floor, and when hearing that I'll be doing the laundry, puts them in the hampers.
4. On the weekends in the afternoon, I know that I can always find her in our bed sleeping nice and I cuddle with her.
5. She is a wonderful cook.
6. She is my best friend and lifelong companion.
7. At the end of a difficult day, she always makes things better and after about 10 minutes, I am a new man.
8. I love her wonderful scent.
9. I love the fact that her skin is so soft.
10. I love that she is a great writer and likes to read her works to me.
11. She is genuine, reliable, and responsible.
12. She will watch a football game with me and get excited about it.
13. She puts up with my constant need to do better and better at work, including moving to the DC area.
14. I love that she is taking care of herself both physically and mentally, and not letting anybody push her around.
15. She is a strong woman, and is good with doing things around the house.
16. She writes good letters to places where we get bad service.
17. She has a wonderful singing voice and I love to come home to it around the holidays.
18. I love that she reads to me, and we have shared so many experiences doing that.
19. I love that when during the winter when I lift the covers up, she says in her sleepy voice, "don't let the cold air in."
20. She makes me coffee whenever I ask her to and fixes it JUST RIGHT.
21. She lets me play in my office with my radios and computers.
22. She puts up with my fussy and mundane eating habits.
23. She is a great rehab teacher who cares about her clients.
24. She calls me a "hot dog" when I send straight-forward and detailed e-mails.
25. She is very technical, if I show her how to do something on the computer, she always remembers for the next time.
26. I love that she leaves stuff in the cupholders in our car, sometimes for weeks.
27. She chose me, even with all of the problems that I have, when it would have been easy to pick somebody else.
28. She got pissed when I lost my job at Digitas.
29. She knows how I am feeling without me even saying a word.
30. I love it when she puts on her robe and gets all nice and warm.
31. I love it when she stays in her nightgown all day.
32. I love it when she gets FIRED UP about DUBYAH.
33. She has broadened my horizons and opened my world to so many different things and experiences.
34. I love the fact that it takes her a while to get going in the morning, and she gets upset if somebody tries to change the routine.
35. She makes the holidays so special with all the decorations and good food in the house.
36. Whenever I ask her, she will get up early and take me to the van pool or the train
37. I love that her family has brought me so much joy and happiness.
38. I love that she can't believe when I don't know who actors and actresses are.
39. I love it when sometimes a few hours after she gets up, she takes a little snooze.
40. I love that she is so gentle and caring with kids, and know that she will be a great mother.
41. I love it when I do the laundry, all of her clothes are inside out.
42. I love it when she takes me on trips to places that we've never been.
43. I love it when she gets bent out of shape during the summer when I tan.
44. I love that she has the softness and kindness of her mother, and the hard work and determination of her father.
45. She has stuck with me during very difficult times, like losing my job and the uncertainty with my hearing back in 2001.
46. I love the fact that she tries to keep track of all of my friends and usually does a good job at remembering who is who.
47. She knows how important it is for me to serve my country, and that I take the badge and its responsibilities very seriously.
48. I love that she gets excited on Thursday nights to hear Jack KB4XF on the ham radio net.
49. I love that she knows how important my coworkers are to me, and always makes them brownies.
50. I love that she is a tough lady who will do whatever is required to get something done, and doesn't whine about it.
51. She plans gatherings very well and makes sure that people always have a good time.
52. I love that her kind heart warms up my life and our home to everyone who visits.
53. I love that she got me to eat Chinese food after many years, and now I like to go to the Chinese buffet, even if all I get is chicken.
54. I love that she is very organized and makes lots of lists, so nothing is forgotten.
55. I love that she has brought her friend Joe into our lives, who I love like a brother.
56. I love it when she gives me a nice smooth, clean, shave.
57. I love that she has fun playing her Wii, and sings while she's playing.
58. I love that she called me a "god damn stubborn Polack" one night, which of course she was right.
59. I love that she jokes around with me as much as I do with her.
60. I love that she lets me call her all kinds of nicknames.
61. I love that she has taught me that my way isn't the "only" way, and gotten me to think about others more.
62. I love that back in 1999 when we were in the truck heading back to Syracuse, after I said "you're my girl", she said "I will always be your girl."
63. I love it when she buys me candy bars as a surprise.
64. I love that she is very talented in many areas.
65. I love it when she tries new recipes and they are so good.
66. I love that she took me to New York twice and we went all over the place.
67. I love that when she gets up, she gets out of bed and doesn't put the covers back, just leaves them the way they were.
68. I love that she has made me a better person.
69. I love that she lets me hug Judith and rub her feet.
70. I love when we sit down to dinner on the weekends, she just hands me the vitamin, because she knows that I only take them during the week.
71. I love that she now has breakfast with me, even though she isn't a big breakfast person.
72. She puts up with my singing and whistling, even early in the morning.
73. I love that she wears her clothes until they fall apart.
74. I love that she is very creative and artsy.
75. I love it when she gets excited about the Red Sox.
76. I love walking on the beach and going in the ocean with her, and hugging her underwater.
77. I love it when she answers the phone in a really happy voice.
78. I love that she let's me do stuff with the best father-in-law that anybody could ever ask for.
79. I love it when she always makes me pick where we go out for dinner.
80. I love that I can talk to her about anything that I am feeling and she will always be honest with me.
81. I love it that she thinks my friend Ken is THE BOMB.
82. I love that she always believes in me no matter what.
83. I love that she calls the GPS "Jane."
84. I love to play "do you know this song" with her when driving and listening to the radio.
85. I love that she doesn't take 2 hours to take a shower and get ready, 20 minutes and that's it.
86. I love that she has and will continue to thoroughly enrich my life.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge Gleck said...




(Heimlich, please)

That's the sound of you two leaving the Sick and Gooey Glecks all asphyxiating in your dust.

That brought a tear to my eye, especially the General's. This is what love is supposed to be.

If I'm Jerry Lee Lewis, this means I'd better find some matches and a piano.


nettiemac said...

K/S & the General, y'all made even my old crusty ticker melt and my eyes mist. I love y'all muchly!