Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Petty Annoyance

Today I was thinking about the insignificant things that annoy me. And then I went grocery shopping. And while I was grocery shopping and feeling good about life and using my coupons (saved $24 today, which is a big improvement for me), I went into the next aisle without thinking about it. You all know the next aisle. The aisle where they put the stuff that is "seasonal". And my local Giant is loaded to the rafters with fruitcake and gingerbread houses and Christmas lights and Christmas cards and tinsel and stocking stuffers.

You have GOT to be kidding me. It's November 2. And while I get as excited for Christmas as the next Christian--if not more--we have a perfectly respectable holiday still to come. I've never loved Thanksgiving--all that fuss for what basically amounts to a big meal, and frankly I'm having a lot of trouble finding things to be thankful for (a healthy family and a good job just ain't cuttin' it this year, sorry), so I'll probably enjoy Thanksgiving a whole lot less than normal this year.

But I'm not willing to skip it altogether. And every year I rant about this and every year those bastards in every store put up the Christmas stuff.

And even worse, is already playing Christmas ads on TV! Pre-Halloween--on Wednesday I saw their ad. I know it was Wednesday because Wednesday is the only night of the week I watch television. (Anyone else take as much great delight in Jimmy Olson getting the boot off Top Design Wednesday as I did?)


Thank you.

Oh, and I also hate it when someone tells you that you're going to love something and you just HAVE to watch/read/taste/listen to something and then they tell you the entire plot/flavor/life story/melody of the thing and wonder why you have no interest in watching/reading/tasting/listening to whatever it was they're talking about. Um, why bother? I've been given a full run down. I don't need to.

Thank you.

I also hate having to be firm with people who jerk me around for setting up appointments and crap, and I finally get a little firm with them and they set up something and I go to their house and they turn out to be the nicest little old lady or little old man you ever wanted to meet and you feel like a load of crap.

Thank you.

Finally, I hate that I have such a limited attention span with NaNoWriMo that I have to sit here with a timer on my desk and force myself to write in 10 minute spurts. Because if I don't put that timer on, I sit here playing solitaire for 2 hours and my word count goes nowhere. How I ever got 8000 words done yesterday, I do not know.

Thank you.

7 pearl(s) of wisdom:

nettiemac said...

Would you believe that this weekend -- NOVEMBER 1 -- they were doing a "Holiday Preview" weekend on one of the lite rock stations?


And I've seen the holiday crap out already and couldn't even look. I bought one holiday CD to give to a friend (because she collects them), but that's been it.

You've no idea how annoying it is. I love Christmas, but there's a reason I love Halloween more. It's because they're not putting out the candy in August (it's already there!)

nettiemac said...

Um, that was supposed to say how "annoyed I am" - not how "annoying it is." My brain is fried, and my throat is sandpaper. Can I claim stupidity as a valid reason?

Talmadge Gleck said...

With the economy in the crapper as it is, this appears to be only the beginning.

So yet again, and then some, I'll be so #$%@ing sick of Christmas by the time Black Friday rolls around, that all two of my loyal readers (myself included) will - again - be subject to some awfully snarky rants.

It's the most ... overcommercialized .... tiiiiime of the yeeeeear....

--Talmadge "Only three people left to shop for, yippee!!" Gleck

Cindy said...

I take it you don't go to Costco. Their Christmas stuff has been out since the middle of September.

Kate/Susan said...

Nope, no Costco, but that's why I don't do Hallmark either. I can't take seeing their ornaments in July

Melissa said...

Wegman's put up their Christmas stuff a few weeks ago. They also put up a little disclaimer - "With the holidays approaching, many people like to shop early, others like to shop late, we have chosen to put our display up early so that customers can choose when is best for them to prepare for the holidays" or some such BS. Quite funny I thought.

Seraphim9 said...

I went to Kroger Sunday morning and they had already cleared out the Halloween stuff and put them in clearance baskets and most of the Christmas stuff was on the shelves.

Went back today and they were still stocking the shelves.....and I bought candy canes.......

HEY - it was for the gingerbread house!!!! Yeah...that's the ticket.

Well, it IS!