Thursday, May 29, 2008

The New Toys are Here

Holy man, are the new washer and dryer nice. WOW. I practically flew home today, just wanting to get home and do the laundry.

It is SO NICE that they are up off the floor and we don't have to bend over to get stuff out of the dryer. Nor do we have to half crawl into the washing machine to get stuff out of it.

And quiet? Oh yeah. So quiet that I took the phone in the laundry room tonight and talked on it while the washer was going. And my dad couldn't hear the machines at all.

I'm so glad we got the pedestals--the drawers are deep and hold so much. I cleaned out the little cabinet we had in there and we have room to spare.

We did two loads of laundry tonight--the "work clothes" and the sheets. Both were long overdue. The w/d now have Braille labels on them, a W for "work clothes" and an E for "everything else". The only trouble (if you want to call it that) we ran into was trying to measure detergent so high up on top of the machines. So we've rectified that by measuring near the sink and then walking the detergent over. I think we have the capacity for spillage regardless, so I'm still working on a solution. I was happy that Tide makes the same scent and type of detergent as we were using with the old washer for the new one.

As for the old washer, I suppose it has gone the way of all good things. The dryer was picked up by a dude called Ed, who came last night. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it, but after we got it outside, he literally picked that thing up singlehandedly and lifted it up and over the side of his utility trailer and settled it right in. I was happy he got it--he mentioned that he and his wife have a young one at home who goes through a LOT of clothing and their dryer had gone out on them. Freecycling feels so good. And he swapped us 2 dozen fresh eggs off his farm for it. I don't know what I'll do with them, but I tell you one thing: those eggs are BEAUTIFUL. All different colors. I need to take a picture of them. They're gorgeous.

This weekend should be pretty quiet. I refuse, REFUSE, to think about work. Seriously, the most demanding people have been riding my rear end today. I had one lady call me because every time her magnifier breaks, a teacher has always gone to help her put it back together. So I offered to go tomorrow morning at 9am and she didn't want me to come that early. So I said, "Ok, I can come next Wednesday then." Well that didn't suit her either. so finally, I just had to say "9am tomorrow or Wednesday morning, I don't have any other times available to you." Suddenly tomorrow morning looked real good. Another guy keeps on calling me about his merchandise, when is his merchandise going to arrive? Well, look here, pal, it's not like I'm a dealer. I put the order in, it gets here when it gets here. So I've dug around in my stash and I'm just going to get rid of some stuff and replace it later. And then I had another woman calling me--she got lost taking her mom to the doctor on Tuesday and they missed their appointment. And she only has off on Mondays (which are my office days and I'm not on the road) and so she wants to go on a Monday. I patiently explain that I cannot go on a Monday, but she's insistent, so I'm like "I'll see what I can do." and hang up. I fully intended to call the doctor on Monday to set it up, but she calls back 3 hours later and demands to know why she hasn't heard from me.

Ummmm, let's see here. In addition to opening 2 cases today, I have to finish all the clean-up paperwork from the seminar we had last week. I don't have time right now. I will call on Monday. "Well we need to know" blah blah blah. FINE. So I call the eye doctor's office and lo and behold, the doctor does not see patients on Mondays.

So, I pushed the appointment back a week anyway to give myself a little breathing room and now she's going on June 25th. But that actually works out better for her since she can have more time to rearrange her work schedule. Despite the fact that I offered to drive her mother myself so she wouldn't have to take time off.

My caseload currently stands at 52. My boss has offered to look at the situation yet again. If I just had a couple days to get my paperwork in hand, I could probably deal with it better. Unfortunately this seminar really threw a wrench in the works.

I'm really ready to just throw my hands in the air and say, "Let the chips fall where they may, I'm finished." Unfortunately, we have bills to pay. And I kinda like my house.

So we'll have to see. Hopefully things will ease off a bit.

On the plus side, LOST was frigging AWESOME tonight. Did anyone watch? Anyone want to chat?? Holy cow. I don't know how I'll wait for the next season. Amazing.

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Cindy said...

Um... I'm a Lost lover here. :)

I go on the internet and see what the nerds have found - like what was said in the phone to Kate, it was backwards- and the writing on the wheel thing that Ben was turning. i miss so much. I wonder if Locke had to move the island as well, and that is why he was off. And who killed him - Widmore? Oh, so many questions.

Kate/Susan said...

Even worse, when they threw up the fake advertisement for the conference in San Diego, I ran to my computer and went to it. I think it was octagon something or another. I put in my email address... hehehehe I'm wondering if they're going to have another game this summer.

Yeah, I have so many questions!!! I'm like you, though, I have to find out all the small details on line :)

I nearly wept when Penny and Desmond were reunited. Ahhh, love.

Cindy said...

I waited until Friday to go to the website because I figured it was going to be slammed.

I'm glad Penny and Desmond are back together. But, what does she think about her Dad? Does she know he was behind some of the stuff that happened? I was upset when Jin couldn't make it to the helicopter. I was almost crying. Almost. Haha.

And will Dharma still be able to make food drops now that the island has moved?

If you notice - Octagon Consulting or whatever the name is - the logo is an octagon. Like all the Dharma logos. And they are recruiting for jobs on the island - like minibus driver - what Ben's Dad and Hurley were driving.