Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Just Done Something I Never Do

I saw a video clip that so moved me, I immediately found the organization's website and made a donation. Won't you consider doing the same?

I wept as I watched this. I literally wept. It sucks that this is what we have been reduced to.

4 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge said...

Three words:

God bless America.


Now I'm the first to rant about morons who drop 20 after 20-spot in lotto tickets at the convenience store. People do waste money on crazy things, but health insurance is so expensive today for those who don't happen to be lucky enough to work for an employer that offers it ... and who pays a good majority of the cost. (And changing employers to find it? Easier said than done, especially in this economy)

Even if you were to be a perfect steward of your money, go without internet or cellphones and scrape up enough bucks for the monthly premium, fine. Now then, what about the deductible??!! $1,000? Yeah, sure, I have it -- let me check between my sofa cushions....

Something's gotta give. I just wonder just what, and when. And the illegal Mexicans -- not to be confused with "immigrants" (read: legal) -- who are sponging off our already meek resources for those who pay taxes ("working poor", remember??).

"The Lord will take care of me", the lady with the no-longer-adequate glasses said.

Where is God? Oh yeah, He's too busy hating fags.

I'm ashamed for my country.

Kate/Susan said...

I know I come back to this, but I consider us to have GREAT health insurance--we have BCBS Federal, which is about the best it gets and I STILL had to fork out $2000 to have my leg fixed.

Now I'm fighting with dentists and dental insurance and medical insurance, and it's all on my shoulders as to whether my upcoming visit will be covered or not. I mean, it's ridiculous...

I hope someday comes a time when we can just walk into a doctor's office, say "I don't feel good" and that's all they need to know.

I don't care what anyone says:

Access to good health care should be a right, not a privilege.

Kate/Susan said...

The look on the last guy's face, when they turn people away... You can just feel his despair and his anger. It's one of the most moving things I've seen.

Unknown said...

Can we book these guys to come to my school? Seriously. I have many children who at age 6 have never seen a dentist. Many who need glasses but the parents can't afford them.