Saturday, February 27, 2010

Nice Weekend

It’s been a nice weekend so far.  Very quiet.  VERY quiet.  In fact, the other day, I got kind of curious when was the last time anyone called me on the phone, so today I went into the caller ID, and it turns out that the last time I got a phone call from anyone other than Landry was on February 11th.  That’s more than 2 weeks.  WOW! 

Anyway, this week I got a Cricut machine.  They were on sale at Joann’s, marked down from $200 to $85, so I decided to get one.  Ever since I did our adoption profile, I’ve been thinking I need to get into scrapbooking, and so this is an exciting way for me to get into it.  I got a scrapbook as well, on sale for only $6, and some paper and stickers and stuff, so I’m going to start out making a scrapbook about our journey to adopt Leah, from when we started our homestudy all the way through to the finalization.  I’m excited to see what the Cricut can do, and also to see if I am any good at scrapbooking!

Today, our friend Anne and her son Nicolas watched Leah for us.  For the past several weeks, Leah has staunchly refused to sleep past 5:00am.  I feel like we have a newborn again, honestly, I’m so tired I hardly know my own name.  Well, Anne caught wind of this and told me to bring her over so I could sleep.  This morning, Michael managed to get Leah to sleep for almost 3 hours, so I got a three hour nap this morning, and then Anne had her from 1-5:30, and I slept about 3 1/2 hours this afternoon.  I feel absolutely drunk on sleep, but to be honest, I think I will probably go to bed at a normal time tonight and not have any trouble getting to sleep whatsoever.  That and a nice hot shower, and I should start to feel human again. :-)

This evening we had dinner with the Heplers at Red Lobster.  The lobster tail was pretty good, although I think they do have a tendency to overcook their lobster there.  I didn’t feel like going to the trouble of cleaning a whole entire lobster, so I just got the tail.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get one steamed at Wegman’s and eat a real one.  We’ll have to see.  Tomorrow we are looking forward to watching the USA v. Canada men’s hockey game, and then the Olympics will be over for another couple of years.  I didn’t get to watch very much of it, or really any of it, but I understand the athletics were particularly good this year.  I tried to look some of it up On Demand, but it was mostly mash up videos and not really anything I especially wanted to see.  So I’m hoping the hockey game tomorrow will be good.  Then I have choir practice tomorrow night.  I am hopeful that the extra music has come in so I will have my own music and will be able to mark it up as I need to!  The lady I sat with last week was very generous to share with me, though, and made roughly similar notations to how I would have done it, so no complaints :-)

This week is a busy one.  I have book club Monday and my in-laws are popping in for a quick overnight on their way home from Florida. I think it’ll be nice for Michael to have some time with his parents and his daughter, and I’ll get a night out guilt free, since I know that even if she melts down for Daddy, she’s unlikely to melt down for her grandpa, whom she clearly adores.  Wednesday night, the Harlem Globetrotters are in North Stafford, and I may go to that with the Heplers.  Have to see about getting tickets.  Then Thursday night I’ll be going to dinner with my friend Debbie.  This weekend is the first of 3 kids’ sales in Fredericksburg as well, so I will probably go and hopefully get Leah some 9 month clothes.  Yes, she is still little enough that she is JUST getting into her 9 month clothes now.  And her 6 month clothes fit just fine, I’m just feeling ornery about the fact that she is still in them. 

We had talked Myrtle Beach with Mike and Lesley and may still go, but since poor Lesley has limited vacation time and they are planning to go to Newfoundland this summer, it may not happen.  We’ve decided that since the rental in MB is fairly expensive for the time we want to go, we should be able to take an actual trip somewhere for the same amount and are looking into Puerto Rico, where Michael’s friend’s family has a beach house.  I’m also kind of hot on California, so we have some possibilities we are looking at.  And who knows, we might just say, “The heck with it!  We’re going back to MB!”  We’ll see.  But one thing we know for sure:  we’re going SOMEWHERE! :-)

So that’s all the news that’s fit to print from here.  I’m heading to bed with a book shortly!  Good night all :-)

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