Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Still Goin'...

Michael and I are still on the exercise trail after 4 weeks. I think it's become a habit. We're doing great. He's started really going to town on the treadmill and has cut his 1/2 mile time nearly in half. Doing aerobics with a tape doesn't afford me the possibility to do anything faster, but it's getting easier, and (dare I say it), sometimes I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of graceful.

Neither of us has noticed any big changes yet, but "the night is still young"... We're a good system for each other--we're really getting each other to do it if one or the other doesn't feel like it. This is the most successful I've been at exercising since college, so I'm really pleased. I've been doing so well that I've even started adding a morning walk on the weekends. I like being up early when it's quiet around the neighborhood.

So, we'll keep going and see where we are in another 4 weeks. Both of us are feeling good, though!

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