Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little Something Fun for the Glecks & the Rest of You


5 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Seraphim9 said...

Oh my dear sweet crispy Buddha.....that was like watching the love child of Pee-Wee Herman and Craig Ferguson.


Talmadge G. said...

I want that 4:01 back.

Sweetheart, I see you Mssrs. Rubens and Ferguson, and raise you a manage-a-trois with Tiny Tim.

--Talmadge "I just ralphed red, gold and greeeeeeeen!" Gleck

Kate/Susan said...

Now, now, Talmadge:

That was far less bad than that Tiny Tim monstrosity you subjected me to the other day... :-)

Seraphim9 said...

You got that right k/s. With PeeWee Ferguson there, I was ever so amused. Mr. Tiny Tim had me ever so repulsed. The only amusing part of the Tiny Tim video was the repulsed look on Johnny Carson's face.

But even then I could not laugh, I was just too much in shock.

Talmadge G. said...

Concept: A-

Vocals: B+ (I have a soft spot in my heart for "outsider" music)

Production Values: A

Creative Use of Construction Paper To Graphically Illustrate Lyrics: A+

Song: F-minus-minus.

It's the song. We all have certain songs which, for whatever reason, cause a near-fatal reaction in the cochlear parts. "Karma Chameleon" is one such record.

Give me Tiny Tim over Mr. Pee-Wee Ferguson, but that's what I get for being forty-something. :-p