Saturday, October 06, 2007


Not anything worth blogging about in single posts, but a lot of little crap going on...

You know how you always hear parents complaining about how their kids were doing an online search for something innocent and they come up with a porn site? I always sort of thought that might have been a slight exagerration... Until the other day when I did a Google search on chicken pox and the site I clicked on literally made my eyes water. I was frozen--I wanted to get rid of it, but I was so shocked by what I was seeing I couldn't move. Ewww. Gross.

Two friendships blew up in my face last week. One is salvageable, one is not. One I care about, the other I quit caring about a while ago. Fortunately they coincide nicely with the one that is salvageable and the one that is not.

I don't feel like doing anything. I start things, and then I come up with reasons I don't want to continue doing them. Like reading. Michael and I are reading an awesome book right now, but I have no desire to sit down and read it out loud. I don't want to read it quietly, either. I have yard work to do to finish up from removing the fence. But I have a hundred excuses why not. I need to do so much, but I just don't feel like it. So it's not getting done and I sit here hating myself for wasting the long weekend.

I guess that's about all. I'm still exercising, so that's a plus. Otherwise, I just want to sit on the couch and watch TV. Blah.

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