Monday, February 12, 2007

Pet Peeves and General B***hin'

Ok, here's a question for you...

When you click "Remember me" to add a cookie to your computer so you don't have to constantly re-log in to a website, say...oh, I dunno...BLOGGER OR MYSPACE...why doesn't it remember you??? Why do I have to re-log in every stinkin' time I come on here? And you know how you tell Microsoft to "remember my passwords"???? It doesn't. I'm a product evaluator for PineCone research, and I swear, I've told it to save my Pinecone password about 6,000 times, and it never does... Nor does it remember my Blogger password.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), we're supposed to get the mother snowstorm. And tomorrow (Tuesday) is one year since I've broken my leg. What do you want to bet we don't get so much as one flake? Everyone I work with is counting on a day or two off, planning what to do with their free time--we've been planning these days for weeks, because every week for the last month, we're supposed to get a storm. And every week, nothing's happened. And I'm darned near willing to bet it'll be a big zero tomorrow too.

I hate being sick. I just wanted to re-iterate that.

I hate my own disorganization. I went to a client's the other day with some paperwork for her to fill out, and didn't take it in, so I told her I'd bring it with the equipment tags I needed to give her. Today I arrived with the equipment tags and not the paperwork. AUGH!

The bookshelf saga continues.

Tonight we drove over to Walmart and I got 2 bookshelves, very similar to the ones I already had, for a grand total of $60 (the Ikea shelf was $185). Michael and I get it out to the car, and he misunderstands what I'm telling him about putting the shelf in the trunk of the car, and the cart tips over, the shelf goes on the ground, and when he and I both dive to try and get the shelf picked up, we smack heads.

I get the shelves home, we haul them downstairs, and I put the first one together. I'm thinking this should be about a 20 minute job--I've put them together before.

Nope. The first one alone took me an hour. I put it together upside down, backwards, and inside out. I got so pissed off after putting the first one together that the second one is still in the box. A project for another day when I feel better and I'm not tired.

I miss my PopPop, he died 14 years ago tomorrow. I would do damned near anything to talk to him again. F***ing cancer. I hate it.

I really, really, really feel sh***y about missing Nancy's party. Everything feels like it's falling apart. The couple formerly known as our friends have disappeared off the face of the earth while they plan to get hitched up and haven't bothered to tell anyone for some reason, and Judy's depressed about being unemployed, and and and! And then some stupid broken bookshelves and a stupid stupid head cold prevented me from going to see one of the best friends I've ever had. Yeah, thanks a lot, Fate.

Ok, and I have a "to read" pile of about 15 books at the moment, and there is one person who lent me a book, and every time I see them, they ask me "Did you read that book yet?" No, I haven't read that book yet. I'm currently trying to get through my freakin' book club book. Your book is on the pile. PATIENCE. I only have 2 eyes and 2 hours a day to read.

So, it's 10 past 10 on a Monday night. I'm sitting here in my home office, crying my eyes out, missing my family, wishing I could talk to someone, anyone who'd understand and listen and not say, "Well, this is how I feel" or "This is what's going on in my life" or "I don't know what to say"... Don't say anything if whatever you think you might say might piss me off. Just listen. Say, "I love you" and let it go.

4 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lesley said...

I hate putting furniture together from anywhere but Ikea - at least theirs I find tolerable. I'm looking for another bookshelf, too, but I'm going to try and find one at a yard sale - cheap and already assembled!

Sorry you're feeling bad - I love you!

Kate/Susan said...

Thanks, Lesley :-)

The shelves at Walmart were cheap enough, I got 2 shelves the size I already had for $60... I'm about to launch phase 2 of the construction. We'll see how it goes :-) Good luck on the hunt.

Love you back.

Unknown said...

I'm giving you a big ol' virtual hug, Susan! I had one of those days yesterday, too. Hell, I'm having one of those months!

Good luck with the shelves. I hope they went OK.

And what's up with Pinecone? How do you get to do that sort of thing? Sounds kind of neat.

Mike W said...

Are you not allowed to swear anymore? I had a hard time deciphering B***hin.

I thought it was going to be about the General bitching about something.

I've come to the realization that furniture is not supposed to be "assembled". I will gladly pay more for assembled furniture to save my sanity.

Here's a joke to cheer you up:

If you're Russian going into the bathroom and you're American coming out of the bathroom, what are you while you're IN the bathroom?