Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Farewell to Rocky...

...the road to finding bunny homes has been long and arduous. Today, Rocky's journey came to an end, as I dropped her off at Riverbend High School, where she will become one of 6 or 7 bunnies (including a GORGEOUS velvety brown bunny and a GORGEOUS velveteen rabbit) who resides in the small animal classroom for the FFA club. There they learn about caring for small animals and enjoy socializing the bunnies, chinchillas, turtles, parrots, and a lizard named Frank.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour of the classroom--it was immaculately clean, did not smell at all, and all the animals looked happy and healthy. No dissections or vivisections, just 150 kids who adore small animals and learn about them in school. The woman who runs the program was a doll, as was her 5 year old son, who took an instant affinity to Rocky.

Rocky was a bit nervous and peed all over me as my reward for finding her so great a place to live, so I just cried the whole way home to make up for it. TomTom and Suisse aren't entirely sure what to think now that their room has one fewer bunny, but they'll adjust. Michelle (Mrs. FFA) has assured me that they may be able to help find a home for Suisse after we ensure she is not pregnant... (GOD FORBID)

It was a lot harder to give up Rocky than anticipated, but I know she's in amazing hands and I know she'll enjoy her life as an FFA bun. She was one special little sweetheart, and deserves every bit of happiness she'll enjoy there.

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Lesley said...

It sounds like he's gone to a great place!