Sunday, February 04, 2007

Eight Years Ago...

Eight years ago tomorrow marks the day that my husband and I met. We've been talking about those eight years--how hard it is to believe it's been that long, and what changes have taken place since then.

The one that really sticks with me is that I was 23 years old. Damn! TWENTY THREE! That seems so stinkin' young... Where the hell did my twenties go?

Other changes...

Eight years ago, I did not have my master's degree. I had not lived in Arkansas, Massachusetts, or Virginia.

My parents were separated, but not divorced.

My sister was still in college.

I was living at home. With Spiegel and Midnight and Jammer and Tibbs. None of whom are around any more.

I was working as a substitute teacher.

My dad still had his apartment.

My mom had not moved to Florida. She had not met Jerry yet.

Michael was twenty four.

He was working for Shititas. He was sleeping on a mattress on the floor at his sister's roommate's house, looking for an apartment.

I was driving the old Mercury.

I was calling his parents Mr. and Mrs. Kosior.

I was not a member of a book club. I was not in touch on a regular basis with Joe. I did not know Heather and Nancy, my girls. I did not know Mike and Lesley, our dearest friends. I had never gone geocaching. I had not written "The Book."

Today? Yup, got that ole master's degree. I'm 31 (yikes). Michael and I have been married almost five years. We own "home" now. We have rabbits. We drive a Saturn. He works for the federal government, I work for the state of Virginia. We've moved 6 times since we met (in case you're counting: Allston, Brighton, Acton, Rosslyn, Centreville, Fredericksburg). I've been through 2 jobs and an internship. My parents are divorced. My sister has lived in China, Russia, and is now in DC. My mom is divorced again and flying solo in the Sunshine State. My dad is back in the house, and flying solo in the Empire State, having said good bye to Barbie. The Book is written, I've got some of the best friends of my life,

So to celebrate? I'm going to my book club. We're celebrating a day early--and neither of us has any idea what we want to do! And trying to figure out what the heck might happen in the next 8 years. For once, we're truly stumped. But excited about what it all might mean...

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge G. said...

Happy anniversary to the two of you! (anybody worth their salt knows that a married couple should also celebrate the ORIGINAL anniversary -- the one which made the "real" one possible)

Our "original" anniversary dates are remarkably similar -- you met Michael on February 5, 1999; I "met" Seraphim on February the 9th of '98.

I can look back at MY life 9-10 years ago, and my mind gets blown every time. Where DO the years go?? It doesn't matter; they're going as I walk beside Seraphim.

May you and Michael have many, many more.


Kate/Susan said...

Thanks, Tal!

It's shocking, the changes since then, but they've been almost 100% positive, and that's what matters. As long as we're headed in the right direction :-)

nettiemac said...

Mazel tov!!!! I love y'all dearly and am SO very happy for you!