Sunday, April 16, 2006

Productive Weekend

Well, we got the wall up! :-)

Joe and I worked on it and it's up! I can hardly believe we built a small retaining wall in our front yard, but we did it.

I'm posting a small picture of it. Yes, there is obviously still a lot to do, but I'm pleased by all our progress. I've been sitting on a rolling cart and going up and down the sidewalk to get things done, and Joe has been the muscle.

I don't have any advice, per se, on the construction of such a wall... We totally eyeballed it and packed in dirt where it seemed to be needed. Then we watered everything down and raked a lot. The results are speaking for themselves...

The rest of the hostas are in (you can see a few in the above picture), and the herb garden will go in behind the retaining wall (after much debate about the best location. Our cottage garden wildflowers are also starting to sprout. I managed to also buy a new blade for the lawn mower, and hopefully the General will be calling the kids about mowing the lawn soon. He says it's my job and I say it's his ;-)

It was a lovely weekend, and a really lovely Easter. I devised a new cake/torte--four layers of cake and chocolate mousse (homemade of course!) covered in homemade chocolate ganache. We also had a delicious ham and scalloped potatoes.

Tomorrow I go back to work. YIKES!!! Hopefully it will go well. I've got the walker in the car, and a crutch, so I can go by what I feel.

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