Saturday, April 29, 2006

Late Night Ramblin'

It's past midnight on Saturday, a fairly successful day here... I got most of the seeds planted, just the sunflowers, moonflowers, and snowballs to go... I've put in all the herbs--we'll see if they take. Our soil here pretty well sucks... We've got lots of clay. However, the hostas are absolutely thriving in it... Go figure.

We had the nicest kid in the world over to do the grass and he threw in free weed whacking. He charged half what our old kid charged, did twice the work, and a much better job. I insisted Michael pay him extra, but Michael pretty well planned to anyway. His father is a building contractor of some sort (I'm not clear on the details), so now we can get some help with some repair projects that need doing and hopefully get that all important railing installed!

The house is pretty much back to normal after all the excitement of the past 3 months. All the beds are covered in clean sheets, the floors are all vacuumed and washed, the dusting is done, the laundry is done, all the extra pillows and blankets are put away, and the dishes are done. I need to get lots of cleaning and organizing done in the kitchen, but that can go on hold for another day.

I've given up on The Good News Gazette after three years and The Celebrity Wedding Blog after just a few months. I enjoy blogging here for the fun of it, but I'm tired of the 'have to' blogs and when the expiration date came up on, I just decided I didn't want to renew it, as Michael and I seemed to be the only ones really reading it. It was nice to look on the bright side for the past 3 years, but now with life changing, I'm just ready to shake off as many of the extraneous 'have-tos' as I can and concentrate on new 'have-tos' and 'want-tos'. Mainly my house.

The house has turned into my biggest hobby. I never could have imagined it, but I get such a sense of satisfaction from painting, planting, gardening, cleaning, decorating, organizing, etc. To know that the house is MINE, all MINE, and for better or for worse, I have to live with every decision I make about it, well, it just keeps me happy as anything. I hope we'll never have to sell it, but if we do, I know each thing we've done thus far will pay us back tenfold.

Heather, Nancy, Judy and I have started our monthly 'girls only' dinner. We all sat around on Tuesday and talked about life and love and crazy things we want to do or have done. We're going to rotate cooking duties, but will meet at Judy's, as it's a good halfway point for us all to be. It's nice to have a place to go blow off steam in a way you can only with your best gals! While I love my male friends, there's something about really getting it out there with other women that helps you figure things out in a different way.

The bunnies are thriving. We've gone a full 48 hours without losing one, we're well past the critical 72 hour stage, and we're well on our way to the next milestone, the 10 day mark. Then they'll be able to start eating solid pellets and drinking water (imagine! at 10 days old?!). Meanwhile, Michael and I have a new bunny arrival of our own. Brown Bunny has taken up residence somewhere in our yard... I found Brown Bunny hiding in our strawberry bushes, but Scotty weedwhacked the heck out of those, so I think now he's living out back somewhere. We came out tonight, and there was Brown Bunny, happy as you please, sitting on our patio, just staring at us. He hopped away, but only through the gate and hopped us down to the car and watched us leave. I've seen him every day this week, and he seems perfectly content to be living in our back yard, and I love having him here. He's a reminder that we're further and further from the city. So I hope he'll stay safe and live out there all summer...

On the movie and book front... Finished a couple of Netflix... I saw "Capote" as I wanted to watch a lot of this year's Oscar winners. I thought the movie itself was kind of disjointed and the editing wasn't all that spectacular. You could tell where they cut off the scenes right in the middle, because the dialogue came to an abrupt end and the actors were still walking or moving. I also watched "Murderball" about the wheelchair rugby team. It was kind of different and interesting. I was just as glad not to be stuck in a wheelchair any more, but did learn a fair amount about quadriplegia--things I never knew! And polished off Season Two of "Arrested Development" as well. I loved it. Season 3 hasn't been released yet. For book club, I finished "The Friend That Got Away" which was pretty good. Nothing earth shattering--the typical reasons friendships break up, but I enjoyed reading it. There were 20 different true short stories in the book, and they ranged from completely uninteresting to totally riveting in my view. This is my second short story anthology of the year, and I enjoy reading them, since if you don't like a particular story, you can skip it and move on... Now I'm reading Kris Radish's "Annie Freeman's Fabulous Traveling Funeral"and it has moved me to tears since page 1. I am loving it. Also trying to slog through 2 freebies sent to me to peruse for the book club. Will comment on those as I get through them.

And that's all the news that's fit to print from FXBG tonight! Back soon with more updates...

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lesley said...

We saw two baby bunnies in our yard a couple weeks ago, but they took off running when Mike started up the lawn mower and I haven't seen them since!

Your 'girls nights' sound like a lot of fun - I'll try not to be jealous!

Kate/Susan said...

When you move up here (yes, when, not if!), you can join us for girls' night ;-)