Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Pretty Much Over...

I saw Dr. Kirchmier again today, and he removed my stitch... Yeah, I know A SINGLE STITCH, not too exciting, but it kinda hurt. Not in an "Oh my God, I've just fallen on the ice and I think I may have--yup, yup, I've definitely broken something, and it's cold out and how am I going to get back in the house without freezing to death" kind of way, but it hurt in a pinching kind of way.

Anyway, it's pretty well done. I got a note that I can go back to work next week, and I've been ordered to quit using the crutches and exercise my ankle! I have to go back in 3 weeks and if I'm not walking normally and the X-rays don' t look good, I have to go to physical therapy. But Dr. K said that's pretty rare, and he doesn't expect I'll have to do it.

So, I came home and worked out in the yard a little bit, sitting on our rolling yard cart, digging holes and planting my hostas that just arrived. We had a very successful weekend with yardwork this weekend--Joe dug a 50'x3' trench along the sidewalk so I could put all the plants in, and Judy got rid of 2 more stumps and cleaned out the flower beds, which we then planted with a "Cottage Garden" wildflower mixture. I think we may have drastically overseeded the whole thing, but what the hell. We got all the edging pulled up, which we're going to recycle into a retaining wall if it looks like it will work... Now I just need someone to cut the grass! I put in 5 hostas today, and hope to get the rest in by the end of the week, as well as continuing to weed out the beds, plant the snowball bushes and strawberry plants, install an herb garden, and work on the retaining wall project... We'll see how it goes!!

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Lesley said...

Wow! You are putting me to shame! I can't wait to see what you've done. I've been thinking about ripping up our monkey grass and replacing with hostas. Where are you getting your plants from?