Monday, March 29, 2010


Winning never felt so good.  Tonight, we went out to trivia night at the Fredericksburg Pub.  We had a plan to bring in more brain power, but no one responded when I posted anything here, so I had a feeling we’d be on our own.  Still, I told Michael as we pulled out, “I think this is our night, I’m feeling lucky!”

We got to the Pub and Landry and Meredith were there with a recruit!  Landry’s friend Rob, who has won on Jeopardy before.  We changed our team name to “Revenge of the Nerds” and we were all set!  Between having an extra person, the general trivia questions (all of us knew answers, which really helped!), well, long story short, WE WON THE ENTIRE ENCHILADA.  We got 17 out of 20 on general trivia and 9 out of 10 on the music round for a total of 26.  It was AWESOME!

We won a T-shirt, hat, and towel for the general trivia round.  Rob took the towel, we decided to give the little T-shirt to Leah, and Landry got the hat.  For winning both rounds, we won a $25 gift certificate to the pub for our next visit. 

Man does it feel good to have won after all this time :-)  I think we fairly floated home.  What felt even better is that I handed the host our sheet and told him it was a winner, and he was like, “Yeah right.”  Eat crow, my man, WE DID IT!

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