Saturday, March 27, 2010

Turkey Info

Ok, Turkey People!!  If you are coming to Casa Kosior for Easter to eat turkey, here’s the scoop!

Mike and I will provide a turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  We are relying on everyone else to bring a side dish to share.  You can leave a comment here with what you plan to bring if you want to.

I need to know what time everyone would like to eat.  We will go to church on Sunday and probably be home by 10:30.  I have no idea how long a 23 pound turkey takes to cook, but my plan is to have it ready to go in the oven on Saturday night, shove it in the oven before we leave for church at 8:00, and it should be done by early-mid afternoon, right? 

Also, parents!!  Manda suggested an Easter Egg hunt, which I’m game for.  I can pick up some plastic eggs or you can bring some eggs, or whatever you want to do.  Let me know.  I don’t know what to put in the eggs—whose kids are eating what in terms of treats, chocolate, or are there other small things we could put in the eggs?  Leah is going to be egg hunt free, so I’ll need help with this—you can bring eggs over early so I can hide them in advance, we can meet and I can pick them up from you, whatever works!  Next year Leah will be a mighty huntress no doubt.  This year, she’s getting a basket with a book, bubbles, and a duck in it. :)

Looking forward to it!

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manda said...

I'll bring Tater Salad. I've got the eggs already! I just need to stuff them. I put some sort of sugar coated sugar in them.