Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life’s A Beach!

After much deliberation and negotiation, thought, consideration, and weighing our options, we decided to go to Myrtle Beach after all.  I’ve just put in for our reservation, we’ll be in the same building we were in for our honeymoon, just a different unit.  Hopefully the key won’t break off in the door on this one.  :-)

Landry and Meredith are going with us.  It should be a blast.  We’ll be there from May 15-22 if anyone wants to try and meet up (we’ll have a sleeper sofa if someone wants to crash for the night!  You can help us pay less :-D).  I cannot wait to take Leah to beach.  She’s going to look awesome in her little two piece.

I’m already trying to decide what to do while we’re there.  It’s been a couple years, last time we were there, we were with Mike and Lesley.  This I know for sure:  mini golf, a Pelicans game (the Sunday game when we get there is against the Red Sox farm team—awesome timing!), Barefoot Landing, and the Boardwalk and Gay Dolphin to get Leah’s license plate.  Tons of beach time, tons of reading time.  I am so excited.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even find bingo there!

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Cindy said...

Yeah Beach! We are also going to the beach this summer - working on the dates now. I can't wait to see pics of cute little Leah in her swimsuit!

And there will be plenty of beach time when Wendy, you and I go to Lake Anna over the summer.

Talmadge Gleck said...

Mini golf? You're on!! And - be forewarned - I play to win.

The Missus of Seraphim and myself think we can swing a long weekend in MB ... hey, gotta get another Leah fix! As to which days, that's still TBA; gotta mesh this in with my son's high school graduation (no, I didn't just type those words), which is Tuesday, 25 May.

Sounds like this could be a fun time. Oh, and there's a Bob Evans in Myrtle Beach. Just so ya know...... :-D

PS - I've turned on moderation on my blogs too, tho' just for posts older than 7 days. I'm getting my share of those sleazy "........" links, too.

In that spirit, good blog ............