Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Am I the only one who finds this whole Christian Bale thing incredibly pathetic and yet undeniably hilarious?

UPDATE: For my oh-so-out-of-it-pop-culturally friends, here's a link. It's NSFW. You may remember that last year, Christian Bale was arrested for allegedly beating up his mother and sister in a hotel room.

4 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge Gleck said...

Would you consider the fact that I've no Earthly idea who in hades Christian Bale IS incredibly pathetic and yet undeniably hilarious?

Thought you would. ;-)

--Talmadge "Out of the Loop" Gleck

Charmed Cast said...

Talmadge, you aren't the only one out of the loop. I'm clueless what's going on... isn't Christian Bale the new Batman? I mean I'll admit he was so-so in the first movie and I haven't even BOTHERED with the second ( I know I know, dead actor was so great blahblahblah cause he's all dead and it is tragic, still haven't seen it)...

Did Bale do something on the set of a new batman movie that I haven't even heard of? Something else?

Lady Ozma said...

Hey that Charmed Cast comment was me, Lady Ozma. I forgot what I normally use to comment over here on blogger and apparently dredged up the one and only blog I ever attempted here... needless to say it didn't last long. LOL Sorry for any confusion.

Obviously, I was so confused by the random blog post... I didn't know what I was doing! LOL

Seraphim9 said...

While I *do* know who Christian Bale is, I haven't seen - nor really have cared to see - anything he's done since "Newsies" in 1992.

LOL...and have you noticed that Batman seems to be getting like the 007 movies? "Who do you think was the best Batman?"

Well, as far as 007 - can I see a hands up for Sean Connery? Batman - I'd go for Michael Keaton. While I don't doubt that Christian Bale and his perfect abs may have made a pretty good Batman, he was probably more suited for the role of Robin..... :-D

And, as I said in Asheville when this well-suited couple and their 5 or so suitcases and bags pushed their way onto the elevator as we were trying to get off of it..."Just because you have money doesn't necessarily mean you have class...." I mean, really, isn't it just good manners to let people get off the elevator before you get on? has kicked in good this morning, hasn't it? :-)