Sunday, January 20, 2008


It was high times at Casa Kosior today. Last night at 11:00, I drove like hell to Alexandria to pick up Judy, Joe, and Lucas to bring them down to celebrate the General's birthday with football, food, and fun.

Of course, he was not the least bit surprised. Although we got back at 1am, and an elaborate scheme kept them out of his line of sight until 9:30 this morning, he knew the jig was up.

Hilariously, when we got back last night, Joe pointed out that we couldn't all slam our doors or Michael would hear us all slamming the doors separately. So I counted down and we all shut our doors, and sure enough, 4 separate slams echoed in the night. We all busted a gut laughing in the driveway, and then I said, "Don't get me wrong, but I'm not invading Poland with you people." This made us all laugh harder.

So this morning we celebrated with a big sausage and homemade biscuit breakfast, and then preparations kicked off to get ready for the two play off games.

Now of course, our big team is the New England Patriots. They had the first game. I made up a crapload of buffalo wings, pizza fondue, cheese and crackers, veggies, and chips and dip. Our friend Melissa came by with all kind of salsa, 7 layer dip, and chips. Judy, Joe, and Lucas chipped in and got the General a giant Happy Birthday cookie at Mrs. Fields. So we were well stocked.

The Patriots game was really great--especially since we won. The Patriots left their brains in the locker room for the most part, and if it hadn't been for the defense holding the Chargers to field goals instead of touchdowns, they might very well have ended the season 17-1. But they did just enough to win. And I say that worshipping Tom Brady.

The second game was the Giants versus Green Bay, and being from New York, and my dad being a rabid Giants fan (they are second only to the Jets for him), my sister and I were primed and ready for the Giants game.

It was one hell of an amazing game. When Tynes missed his 2 field goals that would have won the Giants the game, and then the Giants lost the toss for overtime, we figured that was it.

But then, a quick interception, and Tynes redeemed himself with a 46 yard field goal, and the Giants are going to the SuperBowl. Even Joe and Lucas and Melissa were on their feet screaming. The General and I grabbed each other and started jumping up and down and screaming "GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN!" I think Judy twirled Lucas right off his feet. It was the most thrilling victory, and calling my dad when it was over and screaming into the phone made it all good.

Naturally, I want to see the Patriots go 19-0. I've adopted the Patriots as my team after marrying into a rabid New England sporting fans family. But if the Giants win, I'll be happy with all my heart for my home team. Either way, I can't lose.

So, time to clean up, suck on a lozenge for my aching throat, and hit the sack. In an hour, my beautiful husband will be a year older. I love you, honey, and happy birthday!!!

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bolivar said...

It didn't surprise me that New England beat San Diego. But I was heartbroken when Green Bay lost to the Giants, seeing that I am a HUGE Brett Favre fan. But I knew Brett threw that game away in OT, so the Packers deserved to lose that one.

This will be the first time in, oh, 40 years that I will be rooting for the Giants. The reason is simple: I do not like RANDY MOSS!

Notice that I capitalized the man's name. His ego is as big as New York City. I think he has the potential to be the premier wide receiver in football, but the reason I don't like him is that I get the impression from watching him that Randy Moss plays when Randy Moss wants to play. Supposedly, he is one of the best wide receivers in football, but did you notice the games against San Diego and Jacksonville? They completely shut him down. He was a non-factor in both playoff games. And people say he's one of the best? Spare me.

By the way, Tony Romo told Jessica Simpson to turn in her playbook. He's cut Jessica from the team. (In other words, they have split.) What will Tom Brady do to Gisele when the Patriots lose the Super Bowl to Eli Manning? Stay tuned...