Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Literary Chain Letter

I've received a book related chain letter in the mail from a friend. I really want to participate in it, but I don't want to send anyone a chain letter who doesn't want it.

The way it works is that you send a used paperback to the person whose address is listed on the letter. Then you remove their address and put the address of the person who sent it to you on the letter. Then send it to 6 people. You should get 36 books in return.

If you'd like to participate and help me out, drop me a line! :-) I would love to participate and get some books, but again, I don't want to harrass anyone who doesn't want to be harrassed. Thanks!

1 pearl(s) of wisdom:

The Amazing Mister Marvel said...

Sure, add me (or us, I suppose). We're unloading a bunch of books, so sending one or more along to other folks is no problem. :)

Brian & Lara