Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Latest Round of Hilarious Spammer Names

I've been collecting for a couple months, and hope you find this new collection just as entertaining.

Hoarded T. Crinkly
Militarize T. Importunes
Mangiest F. Seawards
Bagel S. Hearken
Erratas A. Pestled
Blanchard O. Doll
Retype B. Agree
Jockeying V. Contrast
Earthlings F. Landslidden
Hauptmann U. Citadel
Pendulum U. Dam
Suitable E. Inhalation
Grandstanding U. Postponed
Yelling H. Activates
Woodpeckers L. Louver
Clarion Q. Orly
Mayes L. Paddy
Homered S. Sony
Throughways R. Ration
Switchbacks S. Investigation
Floy F. Hays
Freebies R. Jubal
Administer D. Ireland
Medically I. Inception
Heartache F. Confirmatory
Grapnels V. Ascendant
Photocopies S. Casually (my 2nd personal favorite of this round for some reason!)
Senegal U. Stanchions
Firms I. Fundamentally
Relational E. Unwarier
Belief U. Therapies
Adulterates A. Biker (my #1 favorite this round)
Moistly L. Framework
Hunching E. Maternally
Interns T. Saucer
Cleanser A. Unpretentious

These really fizzled out for a while, but now they're starting to pick back up, so I may have some more soon. I hope everyone finds these as amusing as I do, but you all may just think I'm a nerd. Oh well. hehe

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