Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I May Be Done With the Food Network People

So, last night was the Rachel Ray book signing.

On top of the grand disappointment that was the Paula Deen book signing, I was hoping for a little something more.

Instead, I think, if possible, I got something less.

No pictures within 5 feet of her. She did not so much as look up from the table when it was your turn. At least Paula Deen said, "Hello, sweetheart." When I said "Thank you" to Rachel, she more or less grumbled, "you're welcome"... I mean, this from Little Miss Sunshine? HELLO!?

Seriously, I was so disappointed. My book got handed to two of her handlers on one side, then it got passed to a handler after it was signed, and that final handler stuffed two stupid bookmarks in it to promote her shows.

But to treat the people who watch her shows so dismissively, I mean, seriously, that was just wrong. Considering I sat in line for 3 hours, to be rushed through with not so much as a "HI, thanks for buying my books and watching my shows" was beyond the pale. Honestly.

The only good thing about it was Melissa came to keep me company starting around 5:30--and since RR was an hour late due to DC traffic, well, it made the time go by a bit faster.


I mean, for crying out loud, Alan Alda, a revered veteran of stage and screen, gave me a full minute of his time. And he had a thousand people to get through.

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge G. said...

Living, as I do, in the same city (so to speak) as Paula Deen -- and having met her and spoken with her at least twice -- try your best not to hold it too much against The Lady. The "Hey, y'all!" bit is genuine against a backdrop of the fabled Southern Hospitality(tm), of which 2/3 is easily phony.

What I believe has happened, both with Paula Deen and her restaurant (The Lady & Sons), is the dark side of fame. Gawd knows, Paula doesn't know what state she's in on a given evening, much less city, or even lesser, what time of day it is. She's been usurped completely by her managers and handling team, who schedule these book-signings and proceed to treat the people like the $$-dropping cattle they view them to be.

Seraphim and I ate at The Lady & Sons B.F.N. (Before Food Network), and back then you stood at least a 50% chance of seeing Paula. It was a Savannah institution built up by Savannah people who grew to love this sweet, perky and friendly lady who could cook up a story.

Today? TL&S has a queue stretching so far that I can walk out into my front yard here in Rincon (20 miles out) and get in line. And that's at 3 PM! Savannah people have pretty much deserted it. It's now a "touristy" place.

Now Rachael -- she's a different case. She's trying to match Paula in visibility. But there's no money in the bank to cash the "Miss Sunshine" checks she writes each night on Food TV.

I suspected this but your post only confirms it.

I'm sorry you had to stand in line for so long for what amounted to nothing. I'd have been rather pizzed myself.


JRH456 said...

I would just like to say that I HATE Ray Ray with a passion. And please who decided it was a good idea to photoshop YUM-O across her breasts on the front of Classic 30 Minute Meals.

Lesley said...

I can't stand Rachel Ray - but a certain sniffy Rhode Islander we know absolutely worships her as a sex goddess! Say it with me - EW!

Mike and I went to Paula's restaurant when we visited Savannah for our first anniversary. These was years before her Food Network stardom, and even then, there was a line to get into her restaurant (but at the time, it was a good mix of locals and tourists). She was there too, and stopped to talk to us and signed the cookbook I bought. Sorry to hear the fame has had a negative effect on all that. I still love her though - she reminds me so much of my mother-in-law (a good thing!)