Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i'm back...

...I don't have it within me to blog about my trip to Florida tonight, it was a BLAST despite my initial worries about it. Mom and I did some pretty great stuff, and I had a marvelous time. I can't really do it justice when I'm tired, so I'll write about it tomorrow or the next day.

I also shot some fun video that I'll be putting on youTube, and I'll post the links here, if not embed them, when I get them uploaded. Again, the editing process is not going to happen tonight.


Basically, we got up at 4:15 this morning to head to Orlando so I could sit on the runway while DC's fog lifted, and when we finally landed, we got to sit on the runway some more because there was another plane using our gate.

And I had a meeting to get to, for which I was 25 minutes late.


On the plus side, we're getting our Christmas cards done tonight. :)

See you all soon.

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