Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Relay For Life Honor Roll

George and Sophie Cherepon (PopPop and MomMom)
Richard and Doris Taggart (Grandma and Granddaddy)
Eleanor Wisniewski (Cioci)
Jerry Brogan
Jim Smith
Ryan Saidel
Rosie Collins
Linda Tatnall
Staci Nelson
Freda Zimmerman
Jacob Duckworth
Bernard Goldman
Rikki Hillman
Jack Smith
Ernest Buchanan
Delilah Hunt
Barbara Hunt
Peg & Bill
Karen Petty
Karen's friend Amy
Loretta Zimmerman
Leonard Zimmerman
Aaron Sommers
Marcella Sommers
Frank Messina
Joseph Messina
Fran Holm
Fred Rogers
Eugene Evers
Peggy Horn
Francis Roach
Mildred Mooney
Margaret Sandberg
Anna Barbaroulo
Russell Case
Julie Whitwell
Hedwig and Clemens Clostermann
Doris Bond
John's wife Kathy
Al McBee
Sylvalee Burman
Stanley Gamson
Gary Miller

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Lesley said...

Thank you, Susan, for all your (continued) hard work. It does my heart good to see my Nan and Mom being honored like this. Good luck!