Saturday, June 03, 2006

FUG Book Club

Today I attended a new book club meeting in town. It is run by the folks on the website and it was a great time. There were only 4 of us there, but it was nice to jump into a small group.

They read "A Million Little Pieces"... The book that duped Oprah. I only decided to go the other day, so did not have time to pick it up and read it. Their chief complaints about the book, however, seemed to be the grammar and poor punctuation. The story itself was found to be compelling.

Next month we will be reading Kate Chopin's "The Awakening." I am truly looking forward to it. I read it first in high school and again in college, but I'm interested to see what I think of it now that I am a married woman. I am also kind of curious about reading "The Bridges of Madison County" again now that I'm married. I wonder if I'll have a different reaction and different feelings about these books. As a young, romantic-at-heart, and immature-in-the-ways-of-amour girl, I thought their adultery was justified, as these women were meeting with the loves of their lives and their husbands were dull, colorless, humorless, or otherwise lacking.

It certainly bears re-reading and recontemplation. Adultery is not for me. I married my husband, the man I love, and can't imagine cheating. I can't imagine him cheating either. But will I see these heroines of my youth as somewhat less than the women I previously thought, now that I'm looking through the lens of marriage? I'm certainly interested to find out the answer.

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