Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Book Signing: Anderson Cooper

Tonight Michael and I went and met Anderson Cooper at our favorite book store for book signings, Olsson's Books: .

I had no idea, number one, that Cooper is a Vanderbilt. I don't know why that impresses me, but it must have something to do with all the time we spend in Newport and the fact that his family's home is incredible.

Anyway, I heard him on NPR this morning while I was driving around, and thought it would be fascinating to hear him speak in person. He's been EVERYWHERE of note in the past few years, particularly the areas struck by the tsunami, by Katrina, and by war.

By command of his publisher, he was only allowed to speak for 15 minutes, and no Q&A session, which was probably good, since there were only about 600 people there, and I'm sure about half of us had questions.

Additionally, he would not stop signing to pose for pictures. However, he did shake our hands, and he talked to us for a couple of MINUTES, not just a few seconds while signing the book we bought. He was very warm, open, friendly, and you could tell he was genuinely enjoying talking with everyone and meeting all of us.

So I said THE STUPIDEST thing I could have said. "A few months ago, I broke my leg, and I was laid up on the couch in front of the TV for 3 months, and your face was everywhere."

Fortunately, he seemed to find this pretty hilarious.

The General told him, "I recognize your voice, for sure" and Cooper replied, "Well, I hope it's not too grating, I hate the sound of it myself." It was a lot of fun.

Support your local book seller! :-)

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lesley said...

I think he's dreamy and have loved him since he used to host 'The Mole' on ABC (the best reality show ever, which was sadly, cancelled - too good for it's own good).

Kate/Susan said...

I can happily confirm he's a wonderfully nice person in addition to being "dreamy" :-)