Friday, December 24, 2010


This year, I’m making 2 personal resolutions and we have one family resolution.

My personal resolutions are as follows:

1.  To have an actual bedtime.  I’m planning to be in bed, ready to sleep, every night by 10pm.  Computer off, iPod off, journal written, book read, lights out.  It is so ridiculous any more that I am waking up exhausted.  I have zero energy.  Of course there are exceptions, like book club night, but I’m hopeful that by and large I can get a lot more rest and also set a good example for my teen, who is also suffering some sleep depravation and has concluded she needs a 9:00 bedtime (despite being pissed off at us when we told her she had to be in bed by 9:30 . We gave up and let her stay up as late as she wants and somehow she has trouble staying awake at school when she is up till 11:00 playing cards or watching tv.  Hmmm, funny how that happens?)  Last night I was in bed by 10:00 and I slept till 6:00.  I was still tired when I woke up, so Michael took over Daddy Duties and I slept till nearly 10:00 this morning.  My body is clearly crying out for more sleep, so it’s time to give in and let it have it.  The shows I enjoy that are on after 10pm are all free on demand, so bonus, I can watch them with fewer or no commercials at the same time.

2.  No more going out for meals.  I guess this is more of a family resolution, although it is my idea.  I’ve calculated all the money we’ve spent and it’s outrageous.  Not to mention gas, the time we spend ferrying ourselves around to get to a restaurant, and the time we spend waiting around to be served.  In the time alone it takes us to get there, order, and get home, I could have dinner prepared.  Penny has let it be known that she prefers my cooking to anything we have eaten at a restaurant, and between that, saving a lot of money, and saving time, I think it’s a good idea.  We’ll see how we do on tired nights, but hopefully with getting more sleep, I won’t be as tired.

I just read back over my resolutions for last year and I did a pretty good job, actually.  Of course I didn’t get back on track with Weight Watchers or any other diet plan in a serious capacity, but I’m ok with that.  I did do a lot of walking and working out this spring and summer and I completed a 5K, which I am proud of.  But I have not been anyone’s doormat to the extent I usually have been, and we did apply to host an exchange student and are in the midst of that experience right now.  Parenting a teen has been a challenge.  I’m not going to lie.  There have been times I’ve wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening.  But the joy in it has been far greater than the few minor headaches she’s given me. 

As a family, we’ve also decided to add a workout regiment to our night time routine.  Penny wants to learn some aerobics, so I’m going to introduce her to some DVD’s and we’ll try some things.  Michael is going to hop back on the treadmill.  Once the weather warms up, Leah and I will hit the open road again. 

2010 has been a great year, even with my accident and family issues.  I can’t wait for 2011.

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Cindy said...

It's amazing how much you can spend when you eat out. You don't even realize how much you spend.

I do a lot of freezer meals. Like, when I get a rotisserie chicken, we eat about half of it, and I put the other half - cut up- into the freezer. It's easy cooked chicken for any dish - especially tacos! Also, if I make something that can be easily frozen - like soup, chili or ziti, I make a double batch and throw it in the freezer. On days I don't feel like cooking, I have plenty in my freezer to choose from. :)