Thursday, June 03, 2010

Life’s Little Moments

There hasn’t been anything major really worth blogging about.  I mean, there has, but stupid Facebook and microblogging has taken over, despite my vow that I would be fiercely dedicated to blogging.  Ugh.

Anyway, the two major things that happened are that my mom had surgery to repair her knee from her fall back at Christmas and that my dad and I are speaking again.  Mom had her stitches out today and the doctor was pleased with her progress.  She starts PT for 3 weeks next week and then should be good to go.

I got real sad and lonely for my dad right before we left for Myrtle Beach, so I called him.  He is happily single again and living the good life at home.  Hopefully we will get up there this summer.

We are busy nearly every day.  I take Leah to the play park at the mall (I don’t do heat, the summer SUCKS) and try to keep her entertained more and more.  As she gets bigger and bigger and steadier and steadier, she wants to be on the go.  I set up a couple of pools in our backyard and she totally loves them.  We also got her birth certificate in the mail this past week, so we are nearly ready to make her a Kosior.  Just have to go to Social Security to finalize the whole thing, which of course is a bit sticky since He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named works there.  I’m sure we can be adults if we run into each other.

My Bosom Buddies DVD’s arrived and I have enjoyed the hell out of season 1.  It is so nice to see Tom Hanks doing comedy.  He and the show are still laugh out loud funny.

Today I was driving up 95 and saw an SUV with a bumper sticker that said “I miss W.”  I had to restrain myself from running that person off the road.

I am more pissed than I can say about this oil spill, so I am refraining from saying anything.

The National Book Festival author list is out.  There’s no one I’m interested in seeing.  If I finish The Corrections by then and enjoy it, then I might go see Jonathan Franzen, but if I don’t get to it, no big deal.

Our interview form still hasn’t been turned into the head office for AFS, so we STILL cannot contact Penny.  It’s extremely frustrating that it’s been nearly 2 weeks that one stupid form has been held up.  Everything else is done.  We’ll send out another request in the morning and hopefully we will be able to contact her this weekend.  It sucks hard.

Getting back into WW in a low key kind of way, trying not to make a huge deal of it so I don’t set myself up for failure.  Have been doing it almost a week now and it’s been fine.  I’ll update on that from time to time.

Emily was down last weekend and we went to the berry patch.  We had a good time, especially when I backed down the driveway, directly into her car.  Ugh.  how the hell is my memory span so short that I can’t remember there’s a car in the driveway as I’m driving backwards?  Fortunately no damage to her car, but I was extremely upset with myself.  There is a big scratch in our bumper, but no dents or anything, so that’s good.  I will have to have it taken care of before winter brings salt and sand with it.

The dentist wants me to have a third crown done, surprise surprise.  I don’t much feel like it, and it’s so much money out of our pockets that I don’t know that I will do it right now.  The previous dentist I saw told me not to worry about it as long as the filling held.  My main complaint with this dental practice is that it seems I rarely see the same dentist twice, so consequently, it feels like I’m getting new diagnoses each time.  I’m going to just have to request to only see Dr. Johnson from now on.  Since it’s his practice, I know he’ll stick around for a while.  Even the hygienists didn’t know which dentists were around.  Frustrating, particularly when I love going to the dentist so much in the first place. (*cough cough*)  I’ve been through 3 dentists there now and just went on the website and confirmed that all 3 are gone.  I saw a 4th on Tuesday, and while he was a nice guy, I don’t know if I want him doing the crown.  I just feel cranky about the whole damned thing.  So there.

So see?  Lots of little crap going on, but nothing worth blogging about in little bits and pieces.  I’ll be back with another news round up when the spirit moves me! :-D

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Melissa said...

Voldemort works at the SS office??? Seriously????

I can't even think of who else that might be.