Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On the Horns of a Dilemma

So far this week, I've been to Fairfax twice, once on Monday for work and once today for a doctor's appointment. I'm due to go back up north on Friday evening because Joe's mom is coming to town and we are all going to dinner together Friday night up in Alexandria. And then on Saturday, we have the National Book Festival. However, I'm supposed to come home Friday night to a) bring the General home and b) go to my WW meeting on Saturday morning. All told, this will put approximately 360+ miles on my car, not to mention gas. But I *love* going to the book festival.

Tonight I get home from work and there is an email in my mailbox. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will be in Fredericksburg on Saturday. I desperately want to go.

And frankly, there's no one at this year's book festival that really makes my heart go pitter pat. Last year's line up, to me, was MUCH better. The only person I'd like to meet this year is Geraldine Brooks, and she's in the "like to meet" category, not the "dying to meet" category like Jodi Picoult last year.

So I have two options.

1. Go to the book festival in the morning, get there by 10, leave by noon, get back to the 'burg by 2 and get to the gates when they open at 3.

2. Skip the whole rigamarole running around up north and just go to the rally.

Added to this is that I've invited my officemate Kris to come with me, and I really, truly, and desperately need to bitch about work with someone. Seriously. It's coming down to "here's my 3 months notice" time. I wish I had the balls to do it.

Well, I think the choice is clear. I think I'm going to do the unthinkable and bag the book festival. But there's a little piece of me that just isn't sure yet... HELP! Decisions, decisions...

4 pearl(s) of wisdom:

manda said...

Every year something comes up that I miss the book festival. I'm totally going with you next year, give me about a months heads up. If it were any other weekend, of course I'd be able to go. But this is the one weekend I have plans I can't get out of. Shucks.

Lara said...

We stood in line for over 2.5 hours for Obama. We got there shortly before the gates opened and got in 20 minutes after it was supposed to start (fortunately it was delayed). And of course we were so far back we couldn't see squat. I would forget the festival and get there WAY before the gates open!

Melissa said...

I was planning on going to the book festival - the pollen was down, it was going to rain...but this week I got daring and took the kids out for recess....oh the pollen, I was I have now given up my plans to go to the book festival, so you should too so I don't feel bad about missing another fun thing!

T-minus 1 week till NKOTB!

Elizabeth said...

I just have to point out one thing: You *do* have the balls to quit your job. You are a totally courageous and undauntable woman! Rockin' book club organizer, child-adopter, kicker of the ass of those who need it...need I go on? It could be that you're not quite *ready* yet, but you undoubtedly have all the anatomy you need. :)

As for the book festival, it sounds like it's causing you more stress than joy, which means it's got to go!