Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mark Your Calendar, Sweeties

The date of the 2nd Annual Kosior Fall Fun Festival is October 25th. We'll go out to Belvidere for the corn maze, hay ride, kettle corn, etc., carve pumpkins and make donuts and drink cider at home, and whatever else suits our fancy...

Be there or be square.

If you want to read about last year's fall fun festival, click HERE. The above picture was the pumpkins we made last year. You can see more pictures HERE.

3 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Lesley said...

I would love to be there!

Lauren said...

GolDANGIT!! We're out of town for my nephew's birthday that weekend.

(And I'm actually saying the "real" version of 'goldangit' but I didn't think I should post that on your blog.)

Melissa said...

If by some miraculous twist of fate we are actually having fall weather by then and we have had the 1st freeze, I will be there. If not, can I come in the evening for the inside stuff?
Last year it was into Nov, almost Thanksgiving, before it actually froze. ugh.