Friday, August 15, 2008

I Take Umbrage With That, Sir

Mr. Talmadge Gleck, you have created a monster.

Prior to meeting you, the words "Fountain Dew" were never a part of our vernacular.

It's official.

Fountain Dews are a part of our way of life now.

And if the WaWa is not obliging, we bring home a couple cans of Dew and pour them into a plastic cup.

It makes them taste better, apparently.

Thank you.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Talmadge Gleck said...

Another item for your vernacular: Bam-D. (B)ig-(A)ss (M)ountain (D)ew. That's what I've called the 44-ounce MDs I used to inhale like Dean Martin a martini.

Truly, the Mountain Dew out of the fountain are far better than the stuff in the can or bottle, which to me has the consistency of cough syrup. (never tried it out of a can over ice, tho')

Alas, it seems the evil spirits have exited me and went straight up I-95 to you and The General. I haven't had one in about a month; methinks I've weaned off 'em.

My condolences. :-D

verification: ajhdw .... "Ahjah Dew", the kind which gets sold in Indian restaurants (right, Sera?). Curry sold separately.

Cindy said...

Fountain soda is ALWAYS way better than something out of a can. I love fountain soda.

I would have a fountain soda thing in my house if I was cool and had a game room.

One can wish right? :)