Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Nice Treat

It's been a nice time for me while the General has been away. I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance--several invitations to come over to people's homes, etc. Yesterday, though, I had the most fun: Cindy and Manda brought over their little ones for a couple of hours and we all got to spend some time together. It was nice in a smaller group to get to know Cindy and Manda and it was a lot of fun to watch the little ones in action.

I had forgotten how at that age the entire world is a giant playground with your name written directly upon it. Honestly, if someone had told me 2 two-year-olds were coming to play at my house and asked me what I thought would be the most fun for them to play with here, I would never have selected the living room curtains. But those curtains were the hit of the afternoon.

I figured I would observe so I would have a good idea of how to baby-proof our house, and both Cindy and Manda gave me helpful hints. So did Ada and Alex. Particularly when they decided to hurl themselves over the back of the couch and slide headfirst onto the floor, narrowly avoiding my metal and glass coffee table.

I also learned such valuable lessons as "Ceiling fans and mylar balloons don't play well together" and "if a bunny doesn't say 'meow', he must surely say 'woof woof'" and "if there's a bowl of sand and seashells on a table, it is clearly intended for me to play in and possibly sprinkle liberally around the room unless I am forced to stop prematurely by the big meanies on the couch".

To be sure, Baby Willa imparted some nice lessons too, such as "all breasts are created equal" and that I really just want a 6 month old forever. :-)

Hope we can do it again sometime soon! And "Happy Birthday, Alex!!!!" He turns 2 today.

2 pearl(s) of wisdom:

Cindy said...

We had fun. Thanks for having us over. And yes, two year olds will keep you busy. That's why I didn't bring any toys with me - because it wouldn't hold a candle to the nice sharp metal coffee table. :)

manda said...

We had fun too! One things kids teach you is that you can waste money on toys, but they're gonna play with curtains and use the furniture as playground equipment.

I'm the only other person that Willa sings too. Your breasts certainly made an impression, and I swear I heard a bit of disappointment on her part at dinner that night.