Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun Movie Night

Last night Michael and I sat down to watch a movie together. I wanted to pick one I thought he'd love, and with the price of gas and the price of groceries and living in the DC area and all its attendant stresses, I selected an oldie but goodie I hadn't seen in a while: Falling Down.

For anyone who hasn't seen it, Michael Douglas plays Bill, a Defense Department employee in California who is having a seriously bad day. And he goes on a little rampage, beating up gang members, trashing a convenience store, etc.

Recently, I"ve had a bit of a beef with my local food stores. The quality of the food I am buying is not up to par. I went grocery shopping on Monday, threw some meat in the freezer, defrosted it on Friday, and it was rotten. This happened two weeks ago with meat from a different grocery store. The produce is all soft and has funny spots on it, it's about impossible to find a decent green pepper, and I'm not shopping at Bottom Dollar here, people. I'm shopping at higher end stores (Giant, Super Target).

The prices are crazy too. So when Bill walked into the convenience store and proceeded to put the smackdown on the inventory that was overpriced, I was cheering and laughing my head off. When he got out of his car and left it sitting in a construction-created traffic jam (which I got stuck in at 10:00 at night on Wednesday!), I applauded. When he shot up a fast food chain for giving substandard product, I was on his side.

Unfortunately, the movie kind of has an unsatisfactory ending for me, but for anyone who is kinda pissed at the way things are right now, this movie is a welcome diversion. :-) Michael loved it too.

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manda said...

I got a bag of rotten organic potatoes from ukrops. i was pissed. i complained.