Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Returning With a Bit of Humor

Ok, so I'm back a bit. I'm probably not going to be blogging as heavily as I was prior to my little 3 week vacation, but things are getting better, or at least my ability to handle them is better, so I felt like blogging something again and here's my chance.

Back in the days of old, one of my favorite websites was www.Crank.net It was a repository of websites of conspiracy theorists, Bigfoot hunters, and other happy wackos, dubbed by the owners of the site as "Cranks, crackpoots, kooks, and loons on the net". The site was HILARIOUS. I used to love visiting the various websites and reading things like, "Note to the FBI: return my vacuum cleaner and we'll call it even, ok?" What the hell the FBI was going to do with a guy's vacuum cleaner, I do not know. Crank.net hasn't been updated in, as near as I can tell, 4 years, so after a while it lost its flair, but if you've never been there, if any of the sites are still up and running, they're worth a read.

But I digress...

It has taken some time, but I think I may have finally found the looniest crackpot on YouTube.

One of my favorite YouTubers was billyjoebob57. He hates the Bush regime with a passion to which I may only aspire. I mean, he literally writes songs about it. However, I realized earlier this week that I hadn't seen him post a video in a while. So I did a search and discovered that his account was suspended by the powers that be over there. Why, I do not know, but he started up a new account and started posting videos. I figured there would be some conspiracy theories out there about the shutdown of his account.

What I didn't expect was to run into a YouTuber called bill122460. I think Bill may take the cake as the crankiest crackpot I have ever seen on the internet. And despite the fact (or maybe because of it) that he seems to hate women, "Messicans", the entire United States government, the Rockefellers, anyone in charge of anything anywhere, and anyone behind the "New World Order", I cannot stop watching this guy.

I watched him this afternoon for an hour and finally I had to stop. I was crying I was laughing so hard, bless his heart. He is dead serious about everything he says. He's convinced that we're facing nuclear holocaust, WWIII, the Messicans will take over our food and shelters and white America will be left to die in the streets of starvation, radiation poisoning, etc. He's convinced that the world of professional wrestling deliberately killed that Chris Benoit dude to brainwash us. You name it, email it to him, and he'll probably work out that there is a huge conspiracy against it. The government was behind Oklahoma City and 9/11. Osama bin Laden is a CIA operative we are paying. The government is using sitcom TV to dumb men down so women can take over the world.

You guys have got to check him out. He is at http://www.youtube.com/user/bill122460 For starters, I'd recommend a little video entitled "So You Want the New World Order To Kill You, Right?" and move on from there.

Sweetly, he ends every video with "Have a Good Day". HILARIOUS.


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